After learning more about the “government shutdown” I am honestly not that worried. It will only shut down “nonessential” areas of government. Meaning, its only shutting down the areas of government that are identified as “nonessential” as in, not needed!

Interesting, we are 17 trillion in debt, and we are funding “nonessential” parts of government? why? Hey aside from closing down funding to national parks you know what else closes, the auditing section of the IRS? hmmm didn’t know that wasn’t needed did you? Makes you wonder about all the lives ruined by nonessential government.

Do you know that regardless of the way media is painting it, a government shutdown will not affect SSI, Medicare and Medicaid it will still be paid. Even our military, they will still be paid. Sadly, congress will still be paid, and while I respect many of our law makers dearly, and a lot of them are close friends, the founders didn’t view congress as an “essential” part of government. It is clear this has become a game of power and selfish will. My opinion, I say, SHUT IT DOWN and lets start there to work on our debt. Free People, Free Will, Free Markets. Limited Government.

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