Recently the assault on Christianity has become so blatant that the persecution seen overseas is finally reaching our shores.  In the past the persecution was somewhat subtle with occasional comments or off-handed jokes that when exposed brought a full rebuke from the media, as well as civic and government leaders.  However things have changed and in many instances we now find the media and government officials leading the charge in persecuting Christians in the United States.

Atheists feel the need to remove God completely from our society citing their misinterpretation of the first amendment and the fact they feel that Thomas Jefferson’s writings about no official religion means NO religion period.  It’s funny how their pursuit of non-belief has now become a religion unto itself.  The same holds true about the global warming crowd.  Don’t say anything contrary to their beliefs.   Christianity at one time defined our nation as the world’s strong moral leader.  Not anymore as today it is acceptable to be anything but a Christian, and Christians are considered a threat to the nation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Some officials in the military refer to Christians as a hate group.

Amazingly, the evidence points to quite the opposite if you just open your eyes and look around.  It was not Christian groups that were responsible for 9-11, the Boston marathon bombing, the attempted Times Square bombing, the Fort Hood shooting, or any other recent terror attacks.  Militant Islam is the real threat to our nation but the media and this administration ignore the facts and treat Christians as the threat.

The administration was the biggest cheerleader for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt.  Interesting  how over 40 Christian churches were burned by the Muslim Brotherhood, Nuns accosted and sexually assaulted, priests and Monks executed, Bibles burned in piles, altars desecrated, but not a word of reprimand from the president  or media. Instead the Obama Administration still defends the Muslim brotherhood.  The Arab Spring amounted to legalizing the persecution of Christians and there’s been no objection by the media or U.S. State Department.

Christians around the world are being slaughtered wholesale and there is no response by this administration other than telling us that Muslims are peaceful, then sending more money and arms to the people doing it.  In Africa the bodies of 200 Christians were lined up after being murdered and burned by Militant Islamists, where’s the media?

During the Kenyan Mall takeover militants asked shoppers if they were Muslim.  If the shoppers responded no or that they were Christians they were killed, but we’re told Islam is a peaceful religion.  Think about this, since a couple of the terrorists in the attack supposedly came from Minnesota and there’s a lot of  so-called peaceful Muslims living in MN pushing for  Sharia law was this a dry run for a future event at say the mall of Americas during the holidays?

The bias and persecution against Christians all around the world from India to Pakistan, Nigeria, Burma, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria is a reality.   Syrian Christians fleeing persecution are applying for asylum in Russia, not the U.S. which is no surprise since the United States is providing arms, comfort and military advisors to the very people committing the crimes against Christians.

Sadly you don’t have to leave the U.S. anymore to see the persecution against Christians and their beliefs.  A recent survey showed religious hostility and persecution against Christians in the U.S. is on the rise with over 1,200 documented cases this past year.  The open persecution of Christians’ in the U.S. is now a reality.   This administration has gone on an all out frontal assault against Christian businesses, universities and churches.   It is hard to say who is pressing Christians harder: the Atheists, the media, the Muslims or the Obama administration.  After all it was Obama who told the Catholic Church and other Christian religious organizations to get over having to pay for contraception even though it violates their religious beliefs, but then gave Muslims a free pass on healthcare because insurance violates their religious beliefs.

U.S. soldiers are being told that Christian organizations are hate groups and DHS has identified retired military and Christians as persons of interest.  Slurs about Christians clinging to their guns and religion are promoted by Democrats.  Tim Tebow has been slandered, cussed and mocked for his religious beliefs.   ESPN and the media pile on rather than speaking out against it.   This past year a college student was told by a professor to remove her cross as it was offensive to others.  I’m sure the same professor would never ask a Muslim to take off their native garb.   The military has gone overboard with their removal of references to God, and recently during the shutdown Catholic chaplains were threatened with arrest for doing their job and saying mass even if they volunteered.   Craig James on ESPN was fired for stating his opinion on homosexuals because of his religious beliefs, but Muslims are killing homosexuals and there is no outrage.  Christians are the only ones against whom hostility is acceptable. Imagine treating Muslims or anyone else the way Christians are treated and the media would be all over the story.

It appears that in the U.S. we do not accept religious bias unless it is against Christians.  There is hostility against Christianity and Judeo Christian values to the point of saying our nation was not founded on them.  However if you take away every law based on the Bible every legal system in the world would collapse. It’s not too late for this Judeo Christian nation to stop the persecution at home and abroad.   Sadly Democrats, Progressives and the media have been as silent as moderate Muslims about the persecution.  It would be great if they would speak up against the persecution, unless their silence is intended to give their approval.