There seems to be two main sides to the border crisis. (1) Plug up the border. (2) Compassion for the children. Actually there’s a third option. And this one I think is the best solution: (3) Solve the problem at its root. Here is that solution.

Do we not have relationships with the countries that are creating the immigrants? And are not some of those financial? So here’s what we should say to those countries. We are having a problem here in our country because of your country’s inability to create an atmosphere of safety and where people can earn a living.

I mean just think if thousands of Americans were to do whatever they had to to get into Canada … even risking their lives and the lives of their children. So as bad as it might seem in America in some places, nobody is doing that. Therefore it must be assumed that it is worse in the Central American countries than any place in America.

But our approaches to the Central American countries don’t have to be harsh or military (at first). We could say to them that we want to help you solve your problems and the problems of your people. And here’s how we could do that. We will send advisors to help you formulate and implement a plan. We will show you how to start corporations to create employment and will even help you make those starts (that includes a profit for us of course).

So then why isn’t that coming out of the leadership in our country? Are they secretly hoping for a flood of new democrat voters and therefore don’t really want to solve this problem at the root? Are they trying to bolster the resolve of the liberals and hispanics already here to continue to vote democrat … in spite of the many failures of democrats … which are not only their political blunders but also how they support the moral decline in our society (see my last article about Mark Twain)? Is their only interest to create another smoke screen to divert from their blunders? Will they do anything to win the midterm elections and 2016? But why would such an inept bunch want to continue their ineptness?

It’s incredible to realize that unintelligent, unwise, uncaring people have somehow managed to climb to the top of society and government and are running this country and ruining lives. Luckily, a perfect God is ultimately in charge and this life is only temporary (smile).

Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism ( and the creator of a new TV series that proves that God and His Bible, and not secularism, is the proven Truth and the answer to the society’s problems and the problems of individual lives. It can be seen online at His books and DVDs can be seen at