Way back in a harsher crueler age, women were not allowed to be entertainers in, so-called, polite society. Choir music was all the rage. Great composers were writing oratorios and soprano voices were required. Ladies did not go on the stage. What could they do? I mean, they had no choice. Right? They took young lads with talent and beautiful high clear voices and altered them surgically so that their voices never changed. As they got older their sparkling clear soprano became alto. I’m sure you get my drift here.

Thinking about that got me to thinking about politics. Frankly, almost everything gets me to thinking about politics. I think it’s genetic. I was considering that during my lifetime, most Presidents have been Democrat. That is the time since FDR. I believe that many of the Republicans got too comfortable with being the loyal opposition party. Back then there was a branch of the Republican party called Rockefeller Republicans. Today we refer to them as RINOs. They were liberal Republicans. But, also, in those times there were conservative Democrats. There was a balance. Especially in the Senate, it was a far more collegial group.

As time passed, the conservative Democrats disappeared from the scene, while the liberal Republicans, it seems, just got older. So as the Democrats moved solidly to the left, the Republicans split into factions. Each faction trying to keep what little power the Democrats let them keep. Now the Republican elders have become the altos in the choir. While a strong, clear, conservative voice is needed. The altos are singing “Sit down you’re rocking the boat”.

Although I no longer consider myself a Republican, I still support them with my vote. I think Rand Paul is a hero for throwing down the gauntlet and having a good old fashioned filibuster on the Senate floor. For thirteen hours he held the bully pulpit at bay and made all America, including the press, listen and pay attention. Finally a Republican was able to force AG Holder to stand up and be responsible. For the first time in over four years he was forced to walk a legal opinion back. That was no small task, and Mr. Paul deserves to be honored for his efforts.

Meanwhile, those that couldn’t, berate the one that could. The old Republicans Club Choir, was, once again, singing “sit down your rocking the boat” in their fine alto voices. Of course the choir was feeling the glow from the warmth of a night of camaraderie with the President. I’m sure he whispered in their collective ears of good things to come and co-operation between the parties. And I’m sure the President meant every word of it. Just as he means everything he says. Just look at his record.

Unfortunately this did seem to cause a rift in the party between the young bulls and the senior choir members. I suggest to the choir, your voices are getting weak. Your ears are becoming tone deaf. You are singing off key. History moves on. It is time for the younger members to move up to the front lines. Both your party and your country needs that to happen. The Democrats have changed the game and the Republican old guard is stuck in the sixties. There is no more middle ground. The liberals have created an ideological war. It is a war that Republicans can win if they are unified and speak with one conservative voice.