For most, slings and arrows are the challenges of daily life.

We take them in stride and work toward a better day. This is what people do. But divide people into interest groups and suddenly, things are different – every obstacle is someone else’s fault. And those encountering the challenges seem to have nothing but thin skin.

I’m really talking about the victim-groups, the ones who whine for attention, to be heard above the noise and haste of the daily news, grasping for the golden ring of outrage they can trade for recognition and benefits.

There is such a thing as a “good cause.” But is seems like every good cause eventually morphs into a hideous visage of its former self.

Civil rights used to be a good thing.

Rosa Parks helped to end public segregation by calling attention to it. Martin Luther King had a dream and marched on Washington. Emmett Till was, well … there was some real prejudice.

Before long, there was national agreement – racial discrimination had to end.

And for the most part, it did. Too bad we don’t have some way to just plant the flag of victory for this; something like, say, a holiday for MLK’s birthday.

Now-a-days, it’s not that easy to find any real racism. Professional victim-mongers have to scour the airwaves for events they can construe as racist…


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