In 1958, W. Cleon Skousen published a revealing book titled, The Naked Communist.  In his book, Skousen expounded on what he considered the top 45 goals of communists worldwide. The communist goals summarized by Skousen were those aimed primarily at overthrowing America from within rather than through armed conflict.   Goal Number 15 was: “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”  With Barack Obama’s ascension to power, the worldwide communist movement is well on the way to succeeding, at least with one political party.

To understand how much progress has been made in attaining Goal 15, one must first understand that socialism is a stepping stone to communism.  Using socialism as a stepping stone toward the realization of their ultimate goal is part of the larger communist strategy of gradualism.  Gradualism simply means to advance the communist agenda slowly and incrementally so that the resultant changes are not noticed.  The concept began in America under President Woodrow Wilson, accelerated somewhat under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and went into high gear under President Barack Obama.

Each of these presidents used another favored strategy of communists for advancing the leftwing agenda in America.  That strategy involves using a crisis as cover for one’s nefarious deeds.  Wilson used World War I, FDR used the Great Depression and World War II, and Obama is using the great recession.  In his book, The Naked Truth, James C. Bowers lists the following pro-socialist actions President Obama has taken using the great recession as cover:

  • Encouraged the federal government to take control or, at the very least, partial control of the auto, financial, healthcare, and housing industries as well as the college student loan program and the food supply.
  • Encouraged the EPA to promulgate regulations that result in government control of all businesses.
  • Encouraged the FCC to take control of the Internet without Congressional action.
  • Encouraged passage of the Fairness Doctrine to undercut the effectiveness and voice of conservative news programs and talk radio.

Criticizing from the left, Drew Westen of Emory University wrote in the New York Times that Barack Obama has been too middle-of-the-road in his views and too willing to take any stand that might enhance his status with voters.  One can only wonder how far left Weston must be to think of Barack Obama as a moderate.  Countering Westen’s article, Norman Podhertz wrote in the Washington Post: “On the contrary, we see him as a president who knows all too well what he believes.  Furthermore, what Mr. Westen regards as an opportunistic appeal to the center we interpret as a tactic to obfuscate his unshakable strategic objective, which is to turn this country into a European-style social democracy while diminishing the leading role it has played in the world since the end of World War II.”

If W. Cleon Skousen were still around, I am sure he would go one step further and say that Obama’s desire to transform America into a European-style socialist state is just a stepping-stone strategy for something infinitely worse.  Where are the W.C. Skousens of the world when we need them?