Congress may not know what’s in the misnamed “Affordable Care Act” it passed over the strenuous objections of thinking Americans, but those of us who already have healthcare insurance know what’s in it: higher premiums. Insured Americans did not have to read the thousands of pages of bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo that make up the Obamacare Act to know how it will affect them.  All we have to do is open the envelope from our insurance carrier and read the box marked “premium due.” The concept is known as sticker shock.

For months Patriot Update has published articles by well-informed authors warning that Obamacare is going to cause debilitating increases in the insurance premiums of responsible individuals and businesses that already carry health insurance.  These warnings really struck home this week when our parent company, Liberty Alliance, was notified that its healthcare premium would increase by 50 percent.  This same situation is occurring all over America in spite of the fact that Barack Obama has maintained from the outset that Obamacare would actually lower insurance premiums, a claim anyone with half a brain knew was either incredibly misinformed or a deliberate falsehood.  Specifically, Barack Obama promised that healthcare would decrease by $2,500 per family under Obamacare.  This did not happen in my family.  How about yours?

You do not have to be an economist to understand why insurance premiums are rapidly increasing and will continue to do so as long as Obamacare is in force.  Let me suggest a scenario that will help even Obama supporters understand why premiums are going up and will continue to do so.  Assume you own a restaurant and Congress passes a law that requires you to serve three times as many customers as you normally serve.  The law also forbids you to charge your new customers for their meals.  This means that two-thirds of your customers are now non-paying.  You can either file for bankruptcy or you can increase the amount you charge your original paying customers sufficiently to cover the costs of their meals as well as those of the non-paying customers.  Since the government also requires your original paying customers to continue to patronize your restaurant, you will do the obvious: stick them with the costs of serving all of your customers. This is precisely what is happening as Obamacare unfolds.  Those of us—individuals and businesses—who did the responsible thing and purchased health insurance will now have to pay for those who for whatever reason did not.

The so-called Affordable Care Act contains several thousand pages of indecipherable legalese, but in the final analysis the whole shameful document can be summarized as follows: 1) higher premiums for responsible, healthy working Americans; 2) a free ride for an increasing number of Americans and illegal immigrants who take from the system but contribute nothing to it; 3)rationed medical care in which faceless, nameless, uncaring bureaucrats make life-and-death decisions on behalf of you and your loved ones; and 4) a steady erosion of healthcare quality.

The Wall Street Journal conducted its own independent analysis of how Obamacare will affect healthcare premiums.  Here is the conclusion drawn from that analysis:

“Healthy consumers will see insurance rates double or even triple when they look for individual coverage under the federal health law later this year…

The good folks at the Wall Street Journal are prophetic.  Like my colleagues at Liberty Alliance, I just opened the envelope containing my new healthcare premium.  Did the premium increase?  Of course, it did—by 36 percent. This percentage makes me one of the lucky ones.  Like Liberty Alliance, others are experiencing 50 to 75 percent increases.