Here’s your dumb lawsuit news for the day.

A New York Yankees fan was recently caught sleeping at a game between the Bronx Bombers and the Boston Red Sox. He was actually spotted by a cameraman and thrown onto the screen for the world to see as the announcers joked about him. The Smoking Gun reported on July 7, 2014, that the man is now suing ESPN and Major League Baseball for defamation.

Oh, and he’s suing for $10 million.

When his sleeping image was caught on camera, sports broadcasters John Kruk and Dan Schulman started talking about him. They used words such as “oblivious” and stated that the ballpark is “not the place you come to sleep.”

26-year-old Andrew Rector did indeed fall asleep during the fourth inning of the mid-April game between the Yankees and Red Sox, but he’s not happy with how he was projected.

Rector’s complaint against ESPN was filed with the State Supreme Court of New York and states that he was subjected to an “unending verbal crusade” by the announcers.

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