Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s leap to the top of the Republican presidential heap says some positive things about where the minds of voters are at this early in the game.

An Iowa Poll conducted by the Des Moines Register has Walker at 15 percent, Rand Paul at 14 percent, Mitt Romney (the poll was taken before he bowed out) at 13 percent and Mike Huckabee at 10 percent.

Thankfully, voters appear wide open to choosing a new standard bearer instead of anointing a safety school candidate like Romney would have been. And Walker in particular has shown actual signs of statesmanship as governor that the party desperately needs.

The way he confronted the entitlement mindset of the public sector unions may have earned him many enemies, but it won him even more friends. He survived both a recall election and then re-election to a second term while earning a greater share of the vote each time.

As a Wisconsin native myself and someone who believes public sector unions are the other side of the nasty statist coin currently striping us of our religious liberties, I have applauded Walker’s success from afar and hoped others across the country would take note of his willingness to defy the status quo with far more than empty words.

So it is without question that Walker has earned this moment in the sun, particularly after his energetic performance at the Iowa Freedom Summit held little more than a week ago. But the sun brings with it both light and heat, and Republican voters across Iowa need to begin applying those qualities to Walker’s overall track record to make sure he has what it takes to lead them in a world gone mad.

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