In these final days of 2013 and across our nation we sit, mouths agape, on learning that unaccompanied kids are crossing the Rio Grande into the US in record numbers. It’s shocking; it’s immoral. That is one of the most dangerous stretches of territory known to man. There is even a swath of no-man’s land on the US side of the border, places where guys like Brian Terry die while doing a job. Many of those who are writing in horror that small children are now running the gauntlet are doing so to convince us that we need major immigration overhaul to end such cruelty. For the left, that overhaul boils down to declaring an open border and getting high on love. I like the way the pro-immigration lobby uses (abuses) Christian theology to justify their goals. Jesus would do it, they say. But many also try to suggest Jesus was gay, so we know what their opinion is worth.

But back to minors and the border – there is no surprise in this trend. Our highest government officials, many in Homeland Security, and many fine members of Congress have made clear their view that kids who end up in the US through no fault of their own (they made me go) can stay forever. Forever. They can even commit crimes and stay in the US. Because they were only kids when they crossed the border. Infants, even. You can understand what a powerful magnet that pro-amnesty position is and what an incentive it gives parents in other countries to send off one, two, three or four of their many children to set up a future base in the US for the whole clan. In the meantime, the departure of these hungry mouths takes a load off the parents’ minds since they know those kids will be immensely better off materially once they get on the US tax-funded payroll. And these parents can benefit thus from a global redistribution of wealth by crossing off from their own list of obligations the need to care for the kids they birthed who are being raised elsewhere and by others. Henceforward it’s all on America.

I’m really tired of the piety that wraps itself around the issue of immigration these days. I am amazed that people support a sweeping amnesty because Hispanics are members of their churches. I understand the human bond – but it isn’t about those nice folks you know, or your desire to keep them in the church. It’s about the laws of the United States and the nation’s own best interests. You can argue and many do that we need a sensible guest worker program. I’ve advocated for a long time for an expansion of the already-existing guest worker (or seasonal worker) program. We could fill low-level (or even high-level) jobs in the US with accredited foreigners, but extend entry only to workers, not families. It’s a good set-up for everybody. Families aren’t culturally uprooted. Their kids don’t face becoming LA gangbangers. The US doesn’t foot the bill to raise a guest laborer’s children. And business gets the strong backs and arms it needs.

Acknowledging labor shortages in the US (or perhaps acknowledging how over-expensive US labor is becoming) doesn’t mean giving up on immigration control. Any country that doesn’t control its borders is doomed. The borders become wastelands of illegal settlement and illegal activity. The national government is threatened and so is national security. Illegal voting no doubt increases. The US border needs massive reinforcement and there should be a prohibition on future amnesty for those crossing illegally, along with rapid deportation and permanent prohibition on future entry to the US for such deportees. With the jobs these intending immigrants would like to take already filled by those here legally, there would be less of a magnet effect. Much less, I suspect. The illegals now in the US, if free from a criminal record, could be first in line to join this group of workers in the US official guest worker program. They wouldn’t get a vote, though. Or citizenship or permanent residency. It’s a job. The Jamaicans have been working in the US for years on that basis and doing well back home as a result of stable work and better wages.

Such changes would also stop the smuggling of minors over the border into our country. It is indeed a barbarous practice, but one that pays high dividends for the poor elsewhere. Kid-smuggling won’t stop until our Immigration and Naturalization Service, now a minion of Homeland Security, is ordered to start deporting everybody of any age or any origin who comes into this country illegally. Instead of directing them to legal aid, food stamps, Obamacare and shelter or finding relatives to take them in, we need to be shuttling them back over the border in a fleet of Greyhound busses. All of this requires a huge change in DC, in first order ousting the Democrats. In 2014, we have to work for candidates with a limited-government philosophy, of good character and hopefully some charm, as well as proven ability and spine. But whoever wins in the primaries has to be the ones we unite behind. If we can oust guys like Boehner in the primary, great. We need to do it. Otherwise, we bolster the Tea Party ranks in Congress where we can and fight as one against the common enemy.

We need a strong counter-surge to push the left to the wall and allow us to take the reins of government. And lucky for us, neo-totalitarians like Harry Reid have paved the way in Congress for a resurgent America to undertake sensible rewrites or repeals of laws with just a majority – and that includes the repeal of Obamacare. The new Congress should simultaneously enact real cost-saving alternatives like cross-state insurance competition and stringent tort reform. We need to take care of long-delayed business, like immigration rationalization and the strengthening of US borders. We need to start to undo the damage that has been done to our national spirit.

The kids coming across the border – that should scare us all. But continued political domination by the Democrats isn’t just scary, it’s terrifying. America and its borders are disappearing before our eyes. What will we do about it?