Rapper Snoop Dogg is part of new UnloadYour401K campaign aimed at getting hard-working Americans to call their financial advisers and get rid of any and all investments in gun companies.

Snoop Dogg appears in a video for the campaign in which he says, “I’ve been affected by gun violence over the years, just through the deaths of friend and family members, and associates.”

In another portion he appears again, this time holding a white sign with “#ImUnloading” emblazoned upon it. He says, “I’m unloading for my love ones that I lost.”

Singer/Songwriter Jhene Aiko also appears in the #ImUnloading video. She says that at age five she was held at gunpoint during a home invasion. The Los Angeles Clipper’s Matt Barnes appears in the video too; he says, “Directly, I’ve lost a few friends, but I think why [the UnloadYour401K movement] touches my heart is having children of my own.”

On February 19, Breitbart News reported that Florida State Univesity criminology professor Gary Kleck reaffirmed his extensive research showing a minimum of 760,000 defensive gun uses (DGUs) each year. Kleck entered the public dialogue on guns in 1993, after first reporting his finding on DGUs.

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