NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s revelations have forced President Barack Obama’s hand, leading the president to announce new reforms of the government’s classified surveillance programs, according to White House and congressional sources.

The reforms are aimed creating greater transparency and restoring public confidence in the program the sources said.

After his administration issued repeated defenses of a National Security Agency monitoring program that collects Americans’ phone and Internet data, the president Friday is expected to indicate that more needs to be done to ease concerns and prevent abuse of the agency’s far-reaching intelligence collection abilities.

President Barack Obama will hold his first press conference since April on Friday afternoon. David Axelrod discusses the status of the president’s agenda with MSNBC’S Thomas Roberts.
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The reforms, which Obama will announce at a White House press conference this afternoon, come even as Snowden — the defense-contractor-turned-fugitive who released information to reporters about the NSA’s monitoring programs — has been charged with theft of government property and two offenses under U.S. espionage law.

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