I know President’s Day passed but, seeing as how I was laid up with the prevailing stomach bug, this author hopes you will forgive him. Anyway, I am always saddened when this time of year rolls around. The emptiness that consumes the period between the Super Bowl and the start of baseball (not a real fan of the thug-life NBA but the Jeremy Lin story is nice) is what surely leads to the (fake?) affliction of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Nestled in this Bermuda Triangle of existence is our Presidents’ Day. I know we once recognized this as two separate days, one honoring George Washington and another for Abraham Lincoln, but Congress of course screwed it up in the early 1970s. To give DC employees more three-day weekends, they standardized the two existing holidays into one floating Monday each year. Though they did not name it Presidents’ Day, the term stuck when marketers started using the term for sales events. While some as recently as the 1990s tried to restore Washington’s name to this day, the efforts died in Congressional committee.

So, here we sit with a merged holiday that honors Presidents in general. It is better than nothing I suppose as so many know little of our history. The day, if it is mentioned at all however, now seems to be less and less a time to celebrate the great men that established our country. Instead, if you read of our past leaders, you mainly get articles about Washington or Jefferson having slaves, how we stole land from Indians or Mexicans, or any of a thousand negative aspects nitpicked from history. Funny how the left uses current beliefs to judge the pillars of American history while others, far more criminal and unsavory, get a pass. [I will not even go into obama now as anyone here knows that, had any stories about his real character or values run, he would never have been elected.] We rarely hear stories about how deceptive, lurid, perverse and vile Left/Democrat/Progressive figures in our history are, do we? I doubt it is a coincidence as the evils perverting the system have been at this a long time, undermining our history in pursuit of their Socialist utopia.

Since we do not get the chance to have the truth out there that often, let us have some fun points of fact about the other side (you can stick alleged with air-quotes around these things as needed but it is all widely held to be true):

  1. Andrew Jackson (1829–1837): Slaveholder. Greatly expanded the “spoils system” which granted political favors and jobs to supporters while favoring loyalty over experience. It continues today. Indian slaughterer. Love a good duel and lived through over 100 of them. (He also fought bravely in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 but why center on any good, right?)
  2. Martin Van Buren (1837–1841): Who? Just kidding. He did help to solidify the Democrat party so that alone is enough to pillory him. Some blame him for the Panic of 1837 (read up on that as it is about to happen again). Something for the female left: He never even mentioned his wife in his autobiography.
  3. James K. Polk (1845–1849): Won his election by promising to annex Texas and, after Mexico balked, he led the country into the Mexican-American War so that should bother those that think we stole it from Mexico. Appeased Britain over the Oregon Territory and the South over slavery. (On the good side, he led us into the Mexican-American War and gave us most of the Southwestern US. He also vetoed the pork-filled Rivers and Harbors Bill feeling it would encourage legislators to compete for favors for their home district. WOW, don’t you wish we had him now?? He tried to buy Cuba too.)
  4. Franklin Pierce (1853–1857): Widely considered the worst President of the 1800s (completely eclipsed by the Wilson/Carter/obama triumvirate for the worst of all time however). Led to a bloody and extended conflict between pro- and anti- slavery factions by the spineless Kansas-Nebraska Act. Like many Dems of his day, he supported the warped ideals of Manifest Destiny. With the Ostend Manifesto, he stated the US should take Cuba by force if Spain would not sell so we could add another US slaveholding state. He was also an alcoholic and supporter of the Confederacy and Jefferson Davis in later life.
  5. James Buchanan (1857–1861): This life-long bachelor, along with his inseparable “friend” Senator William King, helped write the above-mentioned Ostend Manifesto. Greatly considered a do-nothing and spineless man who tried, failed and thus alienated both the North and South on slavery. He felt secession was illegal but also that going to war to stop it was. (On the bright note, he was brave when no one was looking. He bought slaves in Washington, DC in secret and then set them free in  Pennsylvania.)
  6. Andrew Johnson (1865–1869): Truth told, this was a no-win situation for Johnson as he came in after the assassination of Lincoln. Regardless, he was pro-slavery and failed to promote freedom and rights of the recently liberated slaves and, because of this, the Republicans voted to impeach Johnson in the House. The effort failed in the Senate by a single vote. His descendent in spirit, Slick Willy, would be proud.
  7. Grover Cleveland (1885–1889), (1893–1897): This was one of the few times that that Democrat party got it right. Cleveland was pro-business and small government as well as anti-tariffs, anti-imperialism, and he despised government paid subsidies. By all accounts, he was honest and of the highest integrity, despising government corruption. Cleveland also sided against the unions, as even then they were thugs. This is all in addition to being the only non-consecutive office holder. Pretty good guy, Cleveland. (To boot, Cleveland is the only President to have held the post of hangman as he twice dropped the floor on bad guys when sheriff in New York.)
  8. Woodrow Wilson (1913–1921): WOW, now to the second-most vile man to hold the office. Where to begin? One of the founders of the “Progressive” movement, Wilson was probably the worst in a long line of Democrat racists. He denied black students admission to Princeton when President there; screened the ultra-racist Birth of a Nation at the White House (the first movie shown there); and is quoted as saying “self-preservation [forced whites] to rid themselves, by fair means or foul, of the intolerable burden of governments sustained by the votes of ignorant negroes” . Where Republicans had been desegregating national government before him, Wilson erased all of their advances by putting pro-segregation officials in charge of most government agencies, setting back by decades equal rights for blacks. Wilson was instrumental in the formation of the Treaty of Versailles that, instead of offering a sane way for the Germans to make amends for World War I as outlined in his FourteenPoints (on which the Germans were assured by Wilson that their armistice would be based), it crushed them, country/economy/spirit, leading to the uprising of Adolf Hitler. At the same time, Wilson’s snub of Ho Chi Minh in Versailles pushed him away from embracing liberty and shoved him towards Communism, thus making Wilson a large cause of the Vietnam War as well. Wilson was a proponent of eugenics and even signed a sterilization bill to keep the race clean. Let us not forget that Wilson forced passage of the federal income tax laws in 1913 and signed into law the Federal Reserve. Another negative was his foundation of the League of Nations, without which, we would not have the United Nations. (There is absolutely nothing positive that can ever be said of Woodrow Wilson. Period.) P.S. Wilson also indefinitely incarcerated over 1500 political enemies. (This is just the tip of the iceberg on WW by  the way. TRUE evil, that man.)
  9. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933–1945): In addition to being instrumental in the potential destruction of the United States with his various New Deal government handout programs, social security, and rise of the nanny state, his policies have also been shown to have extended the Great Depression by at least seven years. His Neutrality Act kept American factories silent when they could have been producing war goods for Europe. This was coupled with his early and deep cuts in military spending before the war. Both factors, along with FDR’s failure to uphold the Treaty of Versailles, extended WWII and cost thousands of lives. FDR rounded up and jailed Americans of Japanese, German and Italian decent during the war with no cause. Additionally, he did not do enough to prevent the Holocaust, even turning away nearly 1000 Jews requesting asylum in the late 1930s.
  10. Harry S. Truman (1945–1953): Another liberal lover of robbing Peter to pay a lazy Paul, he pushed his Fair Deal policies (universal health care sound familiar?). Fortunately Conservatives in Congress defeated many of his share-the-wealth aims but greater money was poured into failed programs like welfare anyway. He blew his chance to halt or at least stem the tide of Communism in Asia as well. (On a positive note, he had the stones to drop the atomic bombs in Japan, ending the war early and ultimately saving US and Japanese lives. He also tried to overcome Democrat racism and pass some Civil Rights bills but ultimately lost to those in his own party.)
  11. John F. Kennedy (1961–1963): Truly would be a lower third-tier President had he not been assassinated. He was a male slut if there ever was one, having affairs too numerous to count, even coupling with Inga Arvad who had once attended the 1936 Olympic games with Hitler. His ties to organized crime in Illinois have never fully come to light. Undoubted is the great voter fraud (thanks to Chicago Mayor Daley) in JFK’s 1960 election with the fictitious and dead voting for him in healthy numbers. Some believe this bought JFK the White House. As for Civil Rights, Kennedy actually did very little to even acknowledge the movementuntil it was boiling over in America and even then did the least amount possible to support it. JFK’s signature “Ask not what you can do for your country…” line was aped from past leaders and not original. Three last words: Bay of Pigs. (Don’t throw up the Cuban Missile Crisis as a victory for him as it would not have happened had he not screwed up the Bay of Pigs.) (On the other hand, he gave a good speech that set us on the way to the moon.)
  12. Lyndon B. Johnson (1963–1969): Another President that could not keep it in his pants, he even had a buzzer in the Oval Office that let the Secret Service warn him as Ladybird was coming. Additionally, LBJ was crude, bullying, and very often unprofessional as President (just listen to the released Oval Office recordings). He also further extended the government gravy train currently bankrupting America with the “Great Society” (looting Social Security funds to pay for his failed domestic aims by merging those monies into the general fund). His inept handling of Vietnam eventually cost us lives, money and national reputation. LBJ’s gun control policies were the most invasive federal gun policies to date as he overreacted to the assassinations of the 1960s. (LBJ did overcome his own party to pass extensive Civil Rights legislation, attempting to overcome decades of Democrat institutionalized racism in America.)
  13. Jimmy Carter (1977–1981): Another WOW. All jokes aside, we are now to our third worse President to date. How much time to we have? Botched Iran Hostage Crisis; created the Departments of Energy and Education; did nothing during the Energy Crisis; filed a report in 1969 stating he saw a UFO and then lied about it in later life; gave away the Panama Canal; boycotted the Olympics; “I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust. I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times”; his Malaise Speech stating the best days are behind America and we should lower our expectations. Perhaps the worst of his sorry legacy was his Community Reinvestment Act that directly led to the housing crash of recent years (additional thanks go to Clinton for this one). Since leaving office, Carter has been searching for attention and hoping to restore his ruined reputation by building houses and aligning himself with the terrorist in Palestine as they try to steal Israelis land. (I guess the SALT and Camp David Accords  were good.)
  14. Bill Clinton (1993–2001): Another philanderer with no morals (or taste…Paula Jones? Monica?), his incredible need for female attention made America the laughingstock of the world. He was impeached for perjury. Don’t’ Ask, Don’t Tell was a great success, huh? In a scene straight from Atlas Shrugged, Clinton blackmailed Microsoft founder Bill Gates into giving millions of dollars to the government to make fictitious anti-trust charges go away. Clinton/Reno/Cuomo doubled-down on Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act, blackmailing banks into making insane loans to home buyers that could never be repaid, thus causing the recent banking collapse. Clinton passed on opportunities to killOsama Bin Laden and failed to retaliate for many acts of terrorism during his watch. We may never even know the depths of Clinton’s failings after his associate and supporter, Sandy Berger, was found to have stolen many secure Clinton documents that have never come to light. (After two failed years in office, the good things Clinton “accomplished” stemmed mainly from riding the coattails of Congress after the Republican Revolution. Some entitlement reforms occurred this way and they also reduced the deficit and balanced the budget. Too often he is credited for Reagan’s robust economy but Clinton eventually killed that golden goose.)
  15. barack obama (2009–present): If you do not know his failings by now, you live in a fantasy land. Safe to say, he is already the worst and most dangerous President ever.

Whew! That took longer than I anticipated. Thanks for sticking with me. I am not writing to attack Democrats but simply point out that we all can find skeletons in the closet. Heck, did you know that Helen Keller was a raving Socialist lunatic in adulthood? Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi refused to let his wife take penicillin for bronchial pneumonia, stating God’s will would prevail (she died) but, a few weeks later and after suffering from malaria for three weeks, he took quinine and recovered. My point is no man or woman is perfect. Some strive to be and I admire that but we can dig up dirt on just about everyone. While I can honestly find nothing at all redeeming about our current President, most others in history have both good and bad qualities. On a day like Presidents’ Day (if there has to be a merged day at all), should we not center on the incredible goodness, honor and passion that our greatest men, Washington and Lincoln, exhibited to make this the land of the free and home of the brave?

As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.