I’ve more than had my fill of the ridiculous “panels” on
various “news” networks and how over-the-edge rude they can
be.  And it doesn’t make any difference whether it is all
male, all female or mixed.  If all four, six or eight want
to talk at the same time, they do!  Can any one of them wait
five seconds to voice an opinion, one way or the other?  No.
Say it NOW – before the chance slips away.  Watching very
little television anyway, when the scene is a panel
discussion, and any more than two of the “contestants” open
their mouths at the same time, the tv either gets switched
off or changed.  That’s my prerogative; and yours – unless
you are hard into glossolalia.  It’s the culture, mainly;
there apparently is little to none of the social
responsibility of times past that was common and ordinary.

In a group of friends some weeks ago, it dawned on me that
we were out of sync.  We were having a good discussion about
important matters of the time and so often when one or two
were speaking, a third would slightly lift his hand, as he
believed he had an intelligent comment to make.  How absurd!
Why not just blurt out and join the cacophony?  No, that
would not do – and it would certainly reflect on his “table
manners.”  Transfer that scene to almost any other conflab
anywhere today and you get the same reaction: when one
speaks, they all chime in.  I agree, sometimes there can be
a short, corrective quip that keeps the discussion honest
and could justify the interruption; but it should be
measured and must not be the commonplace pattern.  After
all, by raising one’s hand, he is more apt to actually get
the floor.  In the midst of friends is actually an apt
occasion to put this behavior to the test.  Really, would a
slight lift of the hand be such an awkward and painful
exercise so as not to rudely chop off the speaker’s five
seconds?  So often, most of what we talk about is just our
opinion, and if we cannot tolerate another’s, why should
they tolerate ours?

We live in a society of declining manners, morals, language,
dress, ad infinitum.  I took penmanship in school – I guess
that tells my age!  The fact of the matter is that I can
hardly read my own writing today; I’ve been typing almost
everything written for so long, I get sloppy with pen and
paper.  This applies to other social practices as well: the
less we adhere to honesty, acceptable language, morals and
helpfulness, the more we slip into objectionable and
destructive lifestyles.

The profound teaching of human behavior, especially towards
others, found in the Holy Bible, was actually used in
schools across the land a hundred years ago and gave
students a foundation for their lives.  That foundation is
slipping today and the present generation is rapidly
degenerating to the point of no return.  If you don’t know
who you are; don’t stand for anything; don’t know the
difference between right and wrong – who, in their right
mind, would want you around?  So much of our workforce is
now found in foreign countries, where companies don’t have
to worry about the sloppyness, ridiculous dress, attitudes
and abject behavior exhibited with America’s degrading
humanity.  Decades of slipping this far, will take decades
to overcome, if it happens at all.  But it’s worth a try.