magine how you would feel if you had proudly served your country in the military and were now excited about starting a family. You’re eight months pregnant and planning to use your $6,000 tax refund to help with the expenses of your upcoming arrival, but without warning, you learn that the Social Security Administration seized your refund. You’ve done nothing wrong and owe no back taxes or benefits. When you inquire as to why, you are told that Social Security says they overpaid your mother when you were a child and are now seizing your refund to payback the overage.

Would you be outraged? I would hope so.

This happened to Jessica Vela, a veteran of the US Navy. She recalled how she felt at the time, saying:

“I had a baby due the next month. There are no words to explain how helpless the situation has been.”

“I’ve told them ’til I’m blue in the face, I was a minor, I was learning to ride a bike during that time.”

After serving her nation, Vela now feels helpless against the very government she defended.

Vale is not the only one who has been the victim of the aggressive refund seizures of the Social Security Administration. Tony Award winning Actress Shalita Grant also found herself missing her federal tax refund of $1,500. When she inquired, Social Security informed her that they had overpaid her father by more than $13,000 in disability and that they were taking her tax refund to recover the overpayment.

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