Scott and Jodi Farris were eagerly expecting the birth of their child.  They had arranged for a midwife to help in the delivery, but when she went into labor early, the midwife advised them to go the hospital.  An ambulance was called to transport Jodi to the hospital, but the baby came faster than anyone planned and was delivered in the ambulance as it arrived in the parking lot of Hershey Medical Center.

Jodi and her little girl were immediately admitted to the hospital where staff members started caring for both mom and baby.  Jodi asked the attending nurses about her baby and how it was doing, but they did not answer her.  The nurses were about to give the baby an injection when Jodi asked what it was for.  None of the nurses would give her a straight answer but just told her that it was good for the baby.

After examining the newborn girl, a doctor informed Jodi that she was a healthy baby and scored a 9 on the APGAR test.  Not long after, a second doctor told her that her baby was very sick and that they needed to keep it in the hospital.  Then another hospital worker told her that her baby was doing good, but she again was told by another staffer that the baby wasn’t doing well and needed to stay in the hospital for the next 48 to 72 hours.  In fact, one of them told Jodi that they were required by state law to keep the baby for at least 48 hours.

The happiest day in Jodi’s life was going from bad to worse when Angelica Lopez-Heagy, a government social worked came into Jodi’s room and announced that she was conducting an investigation.  Jodi asked her what the investigation was about and Lopez-Heagy told her that she couldn’t tell her as it was against the law to do so.  Having concern over what was going on, Jodi told the social worker that she was not comfortable answering her questions at which she was informed that if she didn’t, the social worker would call the police and they would assume  of her baby girl.


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