When your socialist country goes belly-up, just send out your military and then blame the U.S. Works every time.

As the past has shown us numerous times, socialism just cannot work on any scale, let alone as a tenet of an entire nation.

Now Venezuela, a longtime socialist stronghold, is economically collapsing.  The situation is so dire that they have had to deploy their military to police their citizens, however, the citizens believe the reason for that move to be something much, much different.

“The embattled socialist government of Venezuela has sent out troops to fight anti-government protesters and justified it by claiming the U.S. could invade the country soon.

“Venezuela has been dealing with widespread protests since Wednesday, a response to Socialist President Nicolas Maduro’s rejection of 1.85 million signatures submitted by the conservative opposition to start the recall referendum process. Venezuelan security forces have used tear gas on crowds, and riot police has frequently engaged in violent clashes with protesters.”

Let this be a lesson to all of you young leftists “feeling the Bern”; socialism is not a solution.

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