The intrepid Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent continues to do the job the mainstream media refuse to do, this time posting the INS documents for Barack Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.

First, a caution: Many of these documents have been fully redacted or referred to the State Department, and the ones that are posted, although real, may not be reliable. It is altogether possible that Soetoro was being handled at the time by the U.S. government. WND continues to investigate.

For the mainstream media, however, these documents represent the official record. As such, they play havoc with the Obama narrative first spun in “Dreams From My Father” and accepted uncritically by the MSM ever since.

They also shed additional light on how Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham (Ann), casually fabricated facts to game the system, a trait her son would inherit.

“I grew up without my father around,” President Obama casually lied in his 2011 Father’s Day address. “He left when I was 2 years old.”

No, as Obama Sr.’s INS file confirms, he never lived with Ann. But as Soetoro’s INS file confirms, Soetoro filled the void almost immediately and would do so for the next 11 years.

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