I’m a Christian who is totally convinced that the Bible has the ultimate solutions for everything because it is in harmony with the designs of our Creator as manifested in the physical and experiential optimum workings of the human being. (You can see my PROOF of that at www.ConclusiveProofOfGod.com). And here is the Bible’s solution for the problem of terrorism aimed at the United States and the west.


The idea here is that there are some things about the general American approach that some people in the world find disgusting and therefore are turned to other approaches, including the Muslim one. I too find the same errors in the American approach, but I see Christianity as the solution, even though it isn’t properly lived out in America or the west. (Still, there are many things about the American approach that are better than anything else in the world. But the Bible calls us to be “blameless.”) In fact it is being better lived out in the Muslim world in a lot of ways. That’s a big reason why people are attracted to Islam I believe. So here we go with the solution.


Step 1: It’s a matter of holiness. That means: how in harmony with God’s designs are we collectively living them out? In America and the west the degree of harmony is not very high. The culture in general is very polluted with “sin.” Therefore, what is Christianity’s advice on how to deal with sin? Repent. And here are the main sins of the west: abortion, gay marriage, atheism, pornography, male/female relationships, feminism, spiritual immaturity, homosexuality, various addictions, idol worship, sexual immorality. Therefore, until those things are repented against (instead of defended and promoted), most people deep down will not have respect for the culture, and will not find it appealing. They might succumb to being bullied by it, but they won’t have respect or love for it. Therefore they will feel the need to look elsewhere for where to ground their philosophy and allegiance and what they will follow and support. I also think that this is the main draw for Islam.


Step 2: Stop interfering with other countries, especially using force. Like someone recently said, “Who are the real terrorists?” I mean, how can a few terrorist incidents be compared to many bombings and killings on others’ native soil? And along that line of thinking, Bill Maher once said, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” So if we really want to protect American lives, we will not get involved in the affairs of other countries. As long as we don’t have the moral high ground (as described in Step 1), we don’t have the right to tell other experiments for how to live in the world that our way should be followed. And if there are evils in the world that should be addressed and corrected, there should be a unity among all nations to take action to make the correction of the evil. That has not been the case in any recent conflicts. America getting militarily involved in post WWII conflicts has a presupposition that its way is THE way. But as described in Step 1, it isn’t. Yes there are many things about the American experiment that are the best in the world. But a liberal undercurrent has caused many aspects of the American culture to be inferior to other approaches around the globe. Therefore we should always be looking to improve on what already is good. But there are strong evil forces within our own country that counter that improvement by supporting and promoting the sins described in Step 1. And therefore, people who are looking for satisfaction in those holy areas might get attracted to other approaches in the world that don’t have those evil stances. That is why I think that Islam has some appeal, because it doesn’t support those errors. But of course it has a lot of errors of its own. And its arrogance includes violence and forcing people to follow it. Instead, it should be appealing to people to freely choose its ways. And America should meet that same challenge. In that way, now that the Republicans have the majority in congress (and hopefully in the next presidential election), it should not downplay the “social issues” as some in it have been doing to appease the general culture. It should take strong stands against the evil gains made by the liberals. Backing up my two conclusions here, Mike Huckabee recently said that “sin” is the #1 problem in America. And Ron Paul said that we should not interfere with other countries. In my book The Solutions, I say that of course we have to keep a military for our protection, and it is even a good thing for people being able to transition out of poverty, but there are better uses of our military than to attack people in other nations.


The bottom line is that we should allow other experiments around the world to take place and fail on their own (e.g. communism, Sharia law, etc.). But as far as our place in that experimental mix, if we are to be perceived as the better alternative, we need to increasingly be the “shining city on a hill” to increasingly attract support and not attacks. And those attacks are usually based on the two things I mentioned in Steps 1 and 2: unholiness and interfering with (including military occupation) other country’s business. My feeling is that instead of being rah rah for our side (and even using military force to enforce it), we should work on making our hill more shining. And that would start with repentance of sin. That approach is even the best one on the personal level. And the love and peace that our Creator blesses those with who take that approach is the most attractive of all and what everyone deep down is looking for J



Dennis Marcellino is the author of many books, CDs and DVDs which can be seen at www.LighthouseBooksAndMusic.com. His latest book The Solutions, can be seen at www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com.