The release of email conversations and other private information of people working at and with Sony Pictures has been a great thing for Americans wanting a laugh at Hollywood’s expense.

Stop laughing.

Emails clearly exposing some executives as contemptuous at best and bigoted, spiteful egomaniacs at worst are horribly shocking I’m sure, to those with egg on their faces – and perhaps their careers hanging in the balance.

sonyBut Americans should be frightened.

Instead of sitting around gossiping and feeling giddy that some rich and famous people, used to getting their ass kissed are actually despised behind their backs – you should be thinking about your exit strategy.

Be scared.

Especially fun-packed were the email exchanges between on their way to meeting with Barack Obama where they mock the President’s race and have a bigoted back and forth so casual, it surely is only one of many.

But it’s not fun. It’s horrific.

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