It was only 12 short years ago that militant Islamic extremists murdered close to 3,000 people with their bold assault on America by flying two airliners into the World Trade Centers, one airliner into the pentagon, and commandeering a forth  airliner that was crashed into a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania.   It was only one year ago that militant Islamic extremists attacked the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing four Americans including Ambassador Chris Stevens.  In both cases those responsible for the attacks have yet to be prosecuted. President Bush showed strength by going after the terrorists. President Obama has shown no strength or resolve and he even refuses to answer questions regarding gun running, the murder of ambassador Stevens or why the cover up regarding the consulate attack continues today.  Unlike Secretary of State Clinton’s comment of “What difference does it make now?” the difference is our continuing fall from world superpower status and Russia’s rise to fill the void.

How did we go from superpower, to super disappointment in just 12 short years?  Our slide started under the Bush administration when they had an opportunity to make the U.S. energy independent from the Middle East but instead focused on bailouts and light bulbs.  The Bush administration started strong by going after militant Islam but due to political pressure faltered by not bringing the full force of our military to bear and not allowing our soldiers to fight to win.  The nation building and “we are your friends” strategy allowed the Democrats and progressives to politicize the war as they worked to make our soldiers impotent, which hampered any serious chance of a definitive victory.  With the bank bailouts instead of allowing chapter 11 to run its course, the downslide was in full swing.  Obama put the downslide on steroids with his world leader’s apology tour.  His administration has seen one diplomatic disaster or national scandal after another with their international incompetence culminating with handing the Syria problem to Russia to solve.

As the United States falls further from the prominent position as the world’s only remaining superpower and world leader, Americans have been swayed by the biased media and have forgotten what it meant to be a superpower and world leader.  They have forgotten how good it was to pay lower utility bills and $1.84 for gasoline. They seem to have forgotten what it meant to; win the Cold War, have a job and earn a fair wage, have open markets where you could be rewarded for hard work and initiative, how good health care really was. Most important they have forgotten in 12 long and one short year that our enemies are Militant Islamic extremist who have no problem with killing westerners who will not submit to sharia law. The Park Police issued a permit to hold a “million Muslim march” on the 12th anniversary of  9-11 to a group that denies Muslim extremists were responsible for 9-11 so they can protest the injustice against the Muslim faith. Talk about Muslims spiking the ball. The only religious group getting a free pass for the last 12 years has been Muslims.  As Obama calls for war due to a red line he drew, than didn’t draw, it appearsthe pres drew, than didn’ hustle around listening to war cries from the Oval ofice hat see no problem with kil  Americans have also forgotten that the economy was so bad a couple months back we could not afford to keep the White House open for tours,  pay some government workers, we cut military exercises, forces and benefits.  It was so bad we could only afford the president and first family’s vacations.  Now all of the sudden we can afford to spend over $100,000,000.00 worth of military assets to make a small but focused statement about our displeasure with the use of gas, even though we are still not sure who ordered the attack or carried it out.  It appears that Assad does plausible deniability better than Obama.

We make no sense by supporting Muslim extremists who are bent on killing Christians and westerners like we did in Bosnia.  Before we attack however, two important things we can’t deny.  One is that the Syrian government never signed the Chemical Weapons Convention so to attack would violate international law.  Two we can’t forget what Treason is. The framers of the Constitution defined treason narrowly—as the levying of war against the U.S. or the giving of aid and comfort to its enemies…  The people the president wants to support  are Al Qaida, or the same people we are at war with and who killed Americans on 9-11-2001 and 9-11-2012.  By supporting them further than he has, as we already have given our enemies guns and funds, Obama and his administration’s reckless policies are guilty of treason.  There is no doubt that they are giving aid to our enemies.

Understanding that diplomacy is a mix of trust, distrust, and watchfulness or as Regan put it Trust but verify, we continue to see nothing but distrust of our own president and politicians with one cover-up after another.  We still have yet to be told the truth on the Benghazi attack, but one thing is certain, with all the story changes someone is lying and others are covering it up.

It’s not too late to remember what our country once looked like with statesman leaders. If we don’t change course soon, our county is done and our enemies will be ruling us, if they are not already.

To paraphrase Napoleon, “if your enemies are committing suicide, (i.e. killing each other), let them!”  Sounds like good advice for how we should proceed with Syria, Afghanistan, and the rest of the militant Muslim world, since we are not willing to allow our military to break things, hurt people and do it in such a way that no one ever wants to mess with us again.  After all that is what worked in WWII, but I guess we have forgotten that as well.