It’s just one more revelation featured in the blockbuster new book that continues to rock Washington,Throw Them All Out,authored by Breitbart News editor Peter Schweizer.

George Soros met with Mr. Obama’s top economist on February 25,2009,and twice more with senior officials in the Old Executive Office Building on March 24th and 25th as the stimulus plan was being crafted. Later,Mr. Soros also participated in discussions on financial reform.

Then,in the first quarter of 2009,Mr. Soros went on a stock buying spree in companies that ultimately benefited from the federal stimulus.

  • Soros doubled his holdings in medical manufacturer Hologic,a company that benefited from stimulus spending on medical systems
  • Soros tripled his holdings in fiber channel and software maker Emulus,a company that wound up scoring a large amount of federal funds going to infrastructure spending
  • Soros bought 210,000 shares in Cisco Systems,which came up big in the stimulus lottery
  • Soros also bought Extreme Networks,which,months later,said it was expanding broadband to rural America “as part of President Obama’s broadband strategy”
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