A federal law enforcement source told Fox News that investigators are looking for two men that are persons of interest in Monday’s Boston Marathon terror attack and have distributed photos for “law enforcement eyes only.”

The FBI is not sharing the photos with the public.

A Fox News reporter has seen the photos and called them “clear.”

According to the reporter, one of the men has a backpack that appears to match the bag believed to have been used in the attack. The other man also appears to have a bag of some kind.

The source asked that the images not be made public for fear of jeopardizing the investigation.

News of the images came as investigators spent Wednesday poring over photos and video footage and piecing together shredded remnants of bombs in an effort to zero in on suspects behind the attack.

Even as amateur sleuths analyzed photos of the finish-line crowd and shared their own conclusions, FBI investigators were believed to be doing the same, and there were reports that they were interested in specific images of a person or persons with heavy backpacks. Investigators believe the bombs, at least one of which was likely a pressure cooker bomb laden with explosives and shrapnel, may have been concealed in such a bag. Monday’s attack killed three and injured 176, many critically.

A mangled pressure cooker lid found atop a nearby building is believed to have been part of one bomb, and it and other pieces were being analyzed at an FBI lab. A battery and several pieces of shrapnel were also recovered and undergoing analysis. Fox News learned that the circuit board suspected of being used to detonate at least one of the bombs has been recovered, and that FBI investigators were also analyzing cellphone tower records to identify positive hits for signs of calls that may have been placed to trigger both explosions remotely.

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