Only Obama would be dumb enough to try and make an official government website in a slang language. Can’t wait for the Ebonics and Southern versions. Though the NYC version might not be suitable for children.
Check it out:

Writing in USA Today, Daniel Garza, executive director of the conservative-leaning LIBRE Initiative, tore into the Obama Administration over the handling of ObamaCare, especially as it pertains to Hispanic outreach. Not only was the launch “two months late,” Garza writes, “The The finished product turned out to be more punchline than health care portal.”

The glitchy “Spanglish” site is not only a technical disaster; it’s also an embarrassment to the Spanish-language and a sign of disrespect to the Hispanic-American community, for whom much is at stake in the health care debate. …

Beyond the broken and insulting website, the law encourages Hispanics to forgo health insurance in the same way that it alienates the youth: It’s prohibitively expensive.

Hispanic Americans are much younger than the general population. Our median age is only 27, a full 10 years younger than the national average. We are thus disproportionately harmed by the skyrocketing premiums that the law afflicts on the young.

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