This month I traveled South Korea, seeking to plant seeds of American appreciation in the hearts and minds of everyday Koreans.

I spoke at an organized event in my honor at City Hall in Seoul, on Saturday, October 9. I was humbled that three escaped North Korean refugees came to listen to me speak on the subject of freedom. I might have been the speaker, but they were the heroes.

In Pohang, on the very Eastern peninsula of the country, stands the magnificent Handong University. It is referred to as “God’s University”. It’s motto is: “Why not change the world?”. I had the great honor, pleasure and privilege to be invited to speak at their International Law School, in front of both Faculty and students. Joined together through worship and focused on how law relates to Jesus Christ, 150 graduate law students from many different countries study law at HILS, following a US law school curriculum. With the largest full-time, US attorney law faculty in Asia, HILS professors teach and serve their students in a common effort to train international lawyers for Christian service.

And in the spirit of American charitableness, I visited both the Mulmangcho School for North Korean refugees and orphans, as well as the Severance Hospital’s pediatric oncology ward, presenting Australian gifts and souvenirs.

As a political missionary, I seek to educate people from all countries and all walks of life on the first principles- the founding and traditional virtues and values- of America. I encourage people to embrace them- in America’s case, to re-capture them- and other nations, to adopt them, as there is no better model culturally, economically, scientifically and militarily.

South Korea is an inspirational country. For all North Korea’s saber-rattling over the decades concerning Seoul and a “sea of fire”, Seoul remains standing, a thriving metropolis and a daily rebuke to the poverty of Pyongyang’s closed socialist system. The growing numbers of Christians in South Korea is deeply heartening.

Whether it’s domestic politics elects to follow the failed European model, or the traditional American model, will determine whether it ever lives up to its full potential.

God Bless South Korea, and God Bless America.