The current foundation of Christianity sets itself up for persecution in many cases. The world over, this new foundation of Christianity has traveled a different path away from fundamental Christianity as given in the Scriptures. This new foundation of worship has caused God to turn His face away and now the world lives in a generation of humankind filled with perversions and lack of faith. Instead of trusting in God’s grace and mercy, humankind has turned their faith inward towards self-centeredness.

Worldly culture has made a virtue of vice. The phrase “If it feels good do it” is not a relic of the sixties but centuries old. This mentality is still within this world’s mindset and it’s on steroids. It’s a mindset that destroys work ethic, generates hatred, greed, and a host of other self-indulgence of evils. The world says that our feelings and desires cannot and should not be resisted. This way of thinking puts us at odds with Scripture and the original Christian understanding of what it means to be human in God’s eyes. This has been going on for eons and the battlefield is the mind of humankind. After all, it is the mind of humankind that creates atrocities against one another. It’s the minds of humankind that create wars, genocide, racism, murder, thievery, rape, incest, lust, drug addiction, and the list is endless of darkness.

Many will say that this evil is due to culture and environments. I dare say that is absolutely nonsense. All of us have the ability to rise above this evilness because of freewill. We have choices to make. As a nation or of the nations of the world, do we want to be the children of the light or the children of darkness? Do we want to denigrate the family unit and pass on the seeds of corruption from generation to generation? Do want to continue to let the elitists’ tail wag the dog?

The secular world, which is in the majority worldwide, feeds upon the current foundation of Christianity that is filled with hypocrisy. We, as a nation, and the world, are suffering the results. The world has entered a new era of relativism. This word conveys that there are no absolutes. It is used for the purpose of confusion. Relativism takes many truths and contradicts each one with half-truths or none at all. The New Age of Christianity has entered a spiritual death spiral; an eternal separation from God spiritually.

The world is spiritually alive, but of the world’s spirit, and defining what is good and evil. The secular world says, “It’s all relative and that we are as gods on this earth.” Secularism says that anything goes. Discard the notion that there are absolutes. We live in a world that says, “Yes, two plus two can equal five, if it is good for you to believe that and makes you feel better about yourself. After all, you are a god within yourself of right and wrong. There is no supreme being with absolute laws on how to live. You make that decision.”

Relativism ruins truth because there is no longer a supreme authority to worry about. Evil deceives people into thinking that multiple acceptable authorities exist. All options outside of God’s Word point to this great deception. Other than relativism, God is the only other authority people submit to on this earth. Relativism ruins God’s Holiness because there is no longer a supreme authority in one’s mind of right and wrong. The great deceiver betrays people into thinking multiple acceptable authorities exist worldwide.

When one thinks about it, those who truly live in the Word of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, and filled with the Holy Spirit are small numbers compared to the over six billion living on this earth. Jesus Christ said in Mathew 7:14, “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life [Spiritual], and few there be that find it.” That is an absolute and the world cannot accept that perception.

Tolerance is another way to destroy God’s Holiness, hence destroying the foundation of true Christianity as scribed by the Apostles. Relativism, as spoken of earlier, where “anything goes,” leads to tolerance. There is an attitude that if one doesn’t agree with multiple world views and authorities, you must be intolerant. This is beginning to sound a lot like democracy and its true definition. If you tolerate multiple world views and authorities, God’s Holiness and laws are weakened. If His Holiness is weakened, then perversions fill the gap.

We, as a nation, and the world, must understand the true meaning of taking God’s name in vain. It is the act of making His power, glory, and authority ineffective. The world views and authorities are very good at making God’s Holiness inadequate. As such, the current foundation of Christianity will fall as we see in the Middle East, America, and other parts of the world. Why? There is not a united foundation of Christianity, Christ’s bride, established on God’s Word and commandments as written in Scripture.

One could use that old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall.” God cannot and will not share His Holiness, Grace, and Love with other world views that diminish His glory and authority. Many churches of today have diminished God’s Word. There are but small segments of churches that totally live in His Word. So why would God give His Holiness to world views and authorities that take His name in vain? The current foundation of Christianity is distorting and polluting His name rapidly. Let’s not forget that there is the secular world that is trying to destroy it completely.

God is of absolute perfection. Along with His perfection, He is also sacred. As such, it is impossible for Him to associate with sin in any form. God desires to communicate His perfection and Holiness to His creation and He did. In a time before time a certain heavenly being of God did not get enough of His perfection and Holiness. By reason of self-centeredness, the same sin in Genesis, he wanted it all. His name was Lucifer and he rebelled against God and lost all of what God bestowed upon him. He became God’s spiritual enemy and was renamed Satan, the great deceiver.

For this nation to recover from its spiraling spiritual death in God’s eyes, it has to return to the Christianity of the Scriptures. When this happens, racism will end [there is no racism in Scripture; no color lines,] the debt will diminish, borders will be secure, and individuals will love one another instead of this line of hate that is chipping away at our very existence. Family values will improve and generations to come will once more have freedom and liberty for all individuals. Let me say that again, “FOR ALL INDIVIDUALS.” [Emphasis mine] Poverty will dwindle for all and this country will once more be a great nation. Will that happen? I have no crystal ball. What I do have is better than a crystal ball. I have God’s Word. If this return to Christianity does happen, odds are, I won’t be around to see it.

Am I hoping for a utopian world? Absolutely not. I am hoping for a world according to God’s plan: that America and other nations will live in His Word as written. All of life’s answers are inscribed within Scripture. That is my prayer of prayers, yet all according to His Will, not mine. I just offer up this humble prayer, for I am nothing but a grain of sand in God’s scheme of things to happen. I am just an ordinary man in the service of an extraordinary Almighty God in a chaotic world filled with hate and envy.