Just when the general public feels the media couldn’t possibly be any more biased, they are proven wrong. On the same day, the media was given a start contrast of events and naturally they were handled in two separate ways. And just wait, it gets better. A pro athlete actually got a response from the White House and the President of the United States for coming out of the closet.

On Monday, veteran basketball player, or “Star” as many portrayed him came out as a gay athlete. Prior to the announcement, pretty much no one in America had a clue who Jason Collins was. By the end of the day, most that read the story would have thought Jason Collins was one of the best basketball players to have every played the game. The media has portrayed him as a basketball “star”. Looking at many of the headlines, it’s hard to find anything negative:

Players Voice Support of Jason Collins on Twitter – NYTimes.com
Jason Collins May Get Big Endorsement Deals – Huffington Post
Jason Collins showed his toughness long before announcing he’s gay – Yahoo Sports
Jason Collins ‘changes everything’ for LGBT community – AOL Sports

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