Dead soldiers, meh. Dead babies, yawn. One dead squirrel…everybody loses their minds.

A friend sent me this link a few weeks ago, of a few men “wrecking havoc” in a way that “sparked anger around the world” (direct quotes from the reporting). What could it be? A serial killer? Genocide? Something racist? Some U.S. ambassador punched a foreign head of state in the face? Another U.S. ambassador brutally murdered just before Obama went to another Vegas fundraiser?

Nope. A squirrel was kicked into the Grand Canyon. Yep. And there is a $15,000 reward for the capture of what seems to be French tourists in the U.S. If the lowlife squirrel-snuffer-outer bolts to the U.K. or France… there are rewards for his capture there too.

My honest reaction was a raised brow and a half-chortle with an audible “Wha…?” I mean, it’s sick. But it’s hilarious. But it’s cruel. But it’s pathetic. Would I say it was “heart stopping,” as the reporting says? No, I’d say the story I read of ISIS literally ripping a woman in half who wouldn’t convert to Islam by tying her arms and legs to two cars going in opposite directions was “heart stopping” for me, personally.

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