It seems like in this past year alone we have seen a growing number of strong Conservative voices standing up for their principles and beliefs and then being attacked by both the moderate right and the liberal left with vile tactics. The few that come to mind are Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Matt Bevin, Mississippi Republican Senate candidate Chris McDaniel and most recently Texas Governor Rick Perry. All of them have made “controversial” moves that have brought them to the public spotlight. Yes, we all have a right to stand up and speak out for and against ideas we believe in or don’t believe in, but in each of these cases, the opponents have taken it much further than simply speaking out.

Ever since Texas Senator Ted Cruz was elected to the United States Senate he has been one of the loudest voices. Senator Cruz frequently stands with Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky who also get their fair share of criticism for their strong Conservative beliefs. One instance in particular was the government shutdown last year. Senator Lee came up with the idea to defund Obamacare to cut the federal deficit and spending levels, and Senator Cruz turned out to be the loudest voice for that cause. Between the House of Representatives and the Senate they were not able to come up with a budget for the upcoming year, and the government was “shut down.” The blame was immediately placed on Senators Cruz and Lee and all those who would eventually stand up for defunding Obamacare during the debates that would follow before the shutdown ended.

This wasn’t by far the only time Senator Cruz has faced harsh, and false, criticism from his opponents. Senator Cruz is frequently mentioned on MSNBC in a negative fashion, many claiming he is a racist for standing up against amnesty for illegal immigrants, or others calling him an extremist and making comparisons that don’t even make sense. Even Senators in his own party have resorted to the name calling technique, with Arizona GOP Senator John McCain referring to Cruz as a “wacko bird” for opposing drone usage on U.S. soil. I have even seen a Congressman announce he would run for President in 2016 just to take votes away from Senators Cruz and Paul. The other side has no fear in going as far as they can and sometimes even farther to hold onto their power and demonize whoever disagrees with them.

We have seen the truly ugly side of the moderate Republicans and the liberal leftists during this year’s GOP Senate primaries. This year Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin challenged Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his Senate seat. Unfortunately, Bevin lost to McConnell during the May primary. It wasn’t because McConnell was a better candidate, it was because he was able to lie about himself and Bevin, making himself look better and make Bevin look weak. McConnell claimed he has stood up against Obamacare and will continue to do so. Although, not many people can recall the last time Senator McConnell made a statement about defunding or repealing Obamacare. McConnell also claimed he was not for amnesty, but again, when have we seen him speak against it? We also cannot forget McConnell’s sudden hatred of the Tea Party, discussing earlier in the year that he would “crush” them. There is only one reason to want to “crush” a candidate or group of candidates that stand for freedom, liberty and the Constitution, to hold onto power. Only a few days after the Primary victory, McConnell changed his stance yet again, saying that maybe Obamacare won’t be repealed after all. Great leader, right?

However, the most disgusting case we may have seen this year comes out of Mississippi. State Senator Chris McDaniel challenged incumbent GOP Senator Thad Cochran in the Mississippi Senate Primary and had beat him the first time around. Neither candidates reached 50% and were forced into a runoff three weeks later. In that time frame we saw some of the dirtiest tactics we have seen yet in politics, including race baiting, bold lies and threats to take away certain benefits if one of the candidates was elected. Again, we saw the moderate establishment Republicans and the liberal leftists teaming up to take down a Tea Party candidate. A PAC associated with Haley Barbour had made calls and ad campaigns across the state to accuse Chris McDaniel of being a racists and taking away benefits from welfare recipients. They even went as far as to associate him with the KKK. The tactics used were vile and disgusting, and the fact that it was his own party that was responsible makes it even worse for McDaniel.

Unfortunately, Senator Cochran did end up winning the runoff election. However, the McDaniel campaign is not giving up. They are currently challenging the legitimacy of the election in court, claiming there were plenty of invalid votes. If this isn’t an example of trying to destroy someone who stood up, then I do not know what is.

Then we have our most recent act against a man who has stood for principle and the people, the moves against Texas Governor Rick Perry. Governor Perry has angered Democrats across the country with the strength of Texas’ economy. He has travelled to quite a few states and convinced businesses to come to Texas, and they have. He even challenged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to a debate over jobs, last I knew Cuomo couldn’t be bothered to respond. Recently, Governor Perry decided to take the crisis at the border into his own hands and add Texas National Guard troops at the border for added security. This angered many as he defied the federal government who is doing very little about the issue. However, just last week a Grand Jury indicted Governor Perry on false charges of abuse of veto power when he refused to give money to an ethics committee ran by an unethical DA. The case is ongoing, but many have dismissed it as a silly political move.

Unfortunately we see quite frequently that those who stand up on the right are quickly demonized, harassed and attacked for their views. It’s sad to think standing for the Constitution is considered to be such a disastrous move nowadays. If we had more elected officials like Cruz, Perry, Bevin and McDaniel, then maybe we wouldn’t have some of the lawlessness we have now. We can only hope Conservatives continue to stand for what is right in the future, even if it feels like most are against them.