I have written often at this site on the subject of liberal bias in America’s colleges and universities.  With the re-election of Barack Obama we can expect gleeful liberal professors to shift into high gear in advancing their Marxist agendas.  In my book, Liberal Tyranny in Higher Education, I challenge the suppressive practices of colleges and universities that confuse advocacy with scholarship.  I also question the viability of such “academic” programs as women’s studies, black studies, queer studies, Chicano studies, and victim studies (e.g. disability studies, fat studies, white studies, men studies, etc.).

I do not question allowing these subjects to be pursued as research topics in legitimate college courses.   For example, a sociology major might choose to write a research paper on any of these topics, but awarding college degrees to students who spend four or more years studying nothing more substantial than how it feels to be black, female, queer, Chicano, disabled, or fat undermines the credibility of higher education.  This is why I question developing multicultural and victim studies into full-fledged courses, academic disciplines, departments, and centers of emphasis. I also question requiring students to take courses in these areas or to be forcibly exposed to their content through mandatory orientations and other activities. Any person who has an interest and can read a book can learn about being female, black, queer, Chicano, fat, or disabled by simply visiting the library or bookstore.

Speaking of feelings, I have often felt alone in my quest to restore higher education in America to its academic roots and wrest it from the destructive grasp of radical liberals who are fast turning colleges and universities into intellectual gulags dedicated to mind control, indoctrination, and the suppression of free thought, inquiry, and speech.  But I am alone no more.  Conservatives now have an organized, funded, and credible advocate dedicated to saving higher education in America from the suppressive onslaught of liberal advocates passing themselves off as scholars.

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) is a non-profit organization consisting primarily of academicians whose goal is to challenge liberal bias in colleges and universities and to restore the concept of academic freedom to its original and intended meaning.  The NAS opposes multiculturalism and affirmative action while fostering intellectual freedom, reasoned scholarship, and civil debate.  If the concepts fostered by the NAS sound familiar to conservatives, they should.  They are part of the cornerstone of higher education: academic freedom.

The NAS has set its sights on—among other issues—four major areas of concern to those of us who believe that higher education has been hijacked by the left for nefarious purposes: 1) The sharp increase in faculty members who self-identify not just as liberals, but as radicals; 2) Curricula that promote political activism and advocacy of leftwing causes rather than legitimate scholarship; 3) Elimination of the western tradition from history courses and programs; and 4) Suppression of free speech.

In an earlier article at this site I stated that liberal universities are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.  They are doing this by ignoring the very purpose of higher education and instead focusing on indoctrination, thought control, and suppression of free speech.  In truth, American colleges and universities need to be rescued from their own self-destructive tendencies.  With the establishment of the National Association of Scholars, those of us who still believe that higher education should live up to its name and focus on education instead of indoctrination now have a powerful ally.