Starbucks claimed Wednesday that it has rallied “hundreds” of people in support of a call by CEO Howard Schultz to suspend campaign contributions to Congress and the president until Washington produces a long-term deficit reduction plan.

Schultz has been pushing the idea over the past several days, appealing to business leaders and other Americans to send a message to Washington by cutting off the fundraising spigot.

Aside from the contribution cut-off, Schultz is also calling on businesses to inspire “confidence” in the economy by hiring more people “now” – as opposed to waiting for another government stimulus program.

A Starbucks representative said Wednesday that the company is “encouraged by the energy we’re seeing” from Schultz’s appeal and working on a way to roll out that support in the coming days.

“We’ve received hundreds of emails of support from CEOs, business leaders and citizens,” the representative said in an email to

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