Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh blithely calls the mainstream media “state-controlled,” as if the White House Press Corps,AP,UPI,ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,etc. were some giant Soviet Politburo directed by Obama.

Of course we all experienced the slanted coverage in the 90s of the Bill Clinton fiasco,with accusations from women across the country rising like a whack-the-mole game. Sadly,these women,from Gennifer Flowers to Paula Jones to Kathleen Willey,were to be suppressed and referred to as whores by the mainstream media. Then Monica Lewinsky came forward,stating that Clinton had committed some rather inappropriate acts in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton’s charge of a “vast right wing conspiracy” directed at her husband was vociferously echoed by the mainstream media. Of course,we later found out it was all true,down to the cigar and blue dress. But this does not rise to a state-controlled mainstream media,does it?

In 2008,when McCain was running on the Republican ticket for President,there was this strange,bubbling question of his eligibility due to the fact that he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Various mainstream media sources questioned McCain’s natural-born status,blatantly ignoring Obama’s more pressing question of natural-born status,his father being a Kenyan and a subject of the United Kingdom,and Obama being listed as an Indonesian citizen in school records. But this does not rise to a state-controlled mainstream media,does it?