This afternoon the White House released a 100 pages of repetitive emails from September 14th and 15th. The emails confirm that the State Department was deeply concerned about a bullet point highlighting prior attacks in Benghazi.

The email release shows that individuals inside the White House were sent copies of the talking points earlier than previously reported. Ben Rhodes, a top Obama adviser, received a draft at 3:04PM on Sep. 14th. This early draft still referred to “attacks” rather than “demonstrations” at the Consulate. Tommy Vietor, the National Security Spokesman, also received these early drafts of the talking points.

By 6:21PM, Vietor had responded with a suggestion that certain parts of the talking points might be of concern to State, saying “Denis would like to make sure the highlighted portions are full [sic] coordinated with the State Department in the event that they get inquiries.”

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