I was thinking about different jobs that one might aspire to the other day. I decided that the best job in the world is that of United States Senator. What job could be better? No one wants to offend you. Everyone wants to be your friend. The pay is good. You get a nice office and a staff to do all the heavy lifting. You have no boss looking over your shoulder. You only have to run for office every six years. That leaves plenty of time to raise campaign funds, which by the way is your primary job. Your staff pretty much looks after everything else.

Even running for office is not that hard. There are people and organizations out there that will beg you to take their campaign contributions. So you get on a few Sunday “talking head” shows. Say what people want to hear. Make a couple of trips back to your home state and do a few softball interviews. Always dress nicely, stand up straight, and smile. Unless you do something incredibly stupid, you can be a Senator as long as you want.

As a Senator you have your own gym if you care to work out. You have the best health care plan in the country. No Obamacare for you. You have your own barber shop, so you always look neat. You even have a cafeteria that will see to it that you get a nourishing lunch right at your desk so you don’t have to mix with the hoi polloi. If you walk into a restaurant people will line up to buy you a drink or pay for your meal. Those lobbyists are everywhere. You are a superstar.

Vacations are long and frequent. If you wish to see the world, you just put together a junket. Your trip gets paid for by the little people because it is “official“. Business leaders will come to your office at the smallest request just to shake your hand and have a few minutes of face time.

Even campaign issues can be pretty easy. You must be for education, baseball, the middle class. Against war, torture, overspending. Keep away from controversy and smile. Always smile. Never show anger. Concern, yes. Anger, never, unless you are a liberal. Then you can show anger at those evil conservatives.

Now, you would think with a job like that there would be some interest in accomplishing at least some of the basics. Like, perhaps, producing a budget as required by law. Or debating some important issues on the Senate floor. Or getting together with members of the other party to do things for the good of the country. You know, the stuff a Senator gets paid for.

I know it is difficult when you have a Senate President that is so rapt with the power he wields that he blocks every bill presented so that the opposition party can never claim a victory. At one time there were statesmen who would stand and decry such measures. They put the country first. Apparently, that is a breed that has gone extinct. The Senate was, at one time, referred to as the world’s greatest contemplative body. No more. Maybe never more.

America is on the wane. We are less free. Personal property is no longer protected. Businesses are over regulated. The country is being run by and for the politicians and those that are politically connected. The value of the dollar is diminishing. The cost of food, fuel, and health care are out of sight. We are losing our Republic.

It is possible to get our power and our country back. Washington needs a clean sweep. I think that we are in for a bad four years. Maybe the worst the country has seen outside of wartime. But nothing is forever. We can come back. We just need some honest dedicated people to run for office and do the right thing. They need to govern the country not grub for power.