National Review writer John Derbyshire is under fire for a column essentially urging white parents to talk to their children about staying away from black people they don’t know.

Derbyshire’s column, published Thursday in Taki’s Magazine, states that “many traits are very different for black and white Americans,“ such as ”school disciplinary measures, political corruption and criminal convictions.”

There is “a small cohort of blacks” — Derbyshire estimates 5 percent — that is “ferociously hostile to whites” and a larger number that will “go along passively if the 5 percent take leadership in some event.”

But the portion of his column that appears to have drawn most of the outrage are the following “common sense” items:

(10a) Avoid concentrations of blacks not all known to you personally.

(10b) Stay out of heavily black neighborhoods.

(10c) If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks on that date (neglect of that one got me the closest I have ever gotten to death by gunshot).

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