Once again the “handwriting is on the wall.”  Over the past five
years we have witnessed the escalation of attacks “of our
government, by our government and for our government.”  They have
come in the form of degenerating our military; opening our
borders to millions of illegal aliens; together with the National
Education Administration mandating sexual deviancy in our
schools; demanding individuals and companies to pay for
government insurance that violates their very consciences against
murder (abortion).  Arming every federal agency with enough
firepower to equal our standing Army is a red flag that should be
recognized by every one that this administration is up to no
good.  Awarding FEMA contracts to house and feed the millions of
alien children without their parents who are actually invited to
cross our southern border, instead of securing it as all other
countries do, is one of President Obama’s latest tactics to throw
beds of spikes across the Republicans’ highway.

While the House wrestles with Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS
scandal, Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s refusal to enforce
laws enacted by Congress, our seventeen trillion dollar debt …
do we need more examples of malfeasance in office before the
treason of this administration is recognized?

I am not one to yell FIRE in a theater, but anyone with ears to
hear and eyes to see should be able to recognize that the move
toward nationwide use of unmanned drones to monitor every move of
small groups of people assembling for any reason at all could be
almost the last straw to deny the general population of peaceable
assembly and freedom of movement.  This is the plan – it has been
from the start – from an alleged illegal alien elected as
president.  All the strategy of this administration has been to
keep throwing so many new embers in this conflagration that those
who are rightfully elected to govern wander around in confusion
and total inability to recognize the arsonist and put out his
flame.  Beside that, he is utterly protected by a complicit
Justice Department and all the other department heads whose
leftist philosophies fit snugly in with his own vision of an
eviscerated United States, empowered terrorists, funded
abortionists, squelched Christians’ freedom of religion … and,
again, the list is intended to be endless, until this country
marches into the family of third world shambles.

Day is ending; night is drawing near.  It is time for all of us
to beware the encroaching evil pressing upon us.  Schools used to
be honorable institutions of learning; now they are used
primarily to indoctrinate children of impressionable minds to
accept deviant behavior, Common Core propaganda, encouraged to
reveal all family secrets to the “Third Reich” school
“dictators.”  This is not a pretty picture.  It’s time for those
who still love this country to rise to the occasion.  Run for
office; support honorable candidates; volunteer to spread the
message of those who will sacrifice several years of their lives
to get this train back on track.  At this point, the whole
railbed may need rebuilding – there are men and women out there
who would relish the contract.  Let’s put feet to the solution.