Politico just doesn’t get it about conservatives. Again.
Check it out:

The inside-the-beltway publication that keeps tabs on all of the “inside baseball” minutiae of Washington’s permanent political class does not understand why it is smart for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to oppose his party’s leadership, which he was elected by Texans to do.

In previewing its newest magazine article about Cruz, Politico tweeted, “Ted Cruz is a smart political operator—so why does he pick so many fights with his party?” Erica Grieder, the article’s author and senior editor at the left-of-center Texas Monthly, displays, like most of the mainstream press, that she has no clue why he does. She reveals a presupposed belief that the “way to win” is still through the D.C. political establishment.

The answer to Politico’s question is a simple one. Cruz represents a movement in a party that Gallup has discovered has become more conservative over the last thirteen years, and his fights with the GOP establishment have catapaulted him to the front of presidential polls among Tea Party voters. In addition, the Republican establishment is distrusted and unpopular among conservatives, and Cruz got elected to take on that ossified permanent political class. In that sense, Cruz is doing what is politically smart. However, he is also showing that he is the rare politician that has gone to Washington and done exactly what he promised Texas voters he’d do if they elected him.

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