Jeremy Roberts, president of Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions, said Fairbanks is way off in his representation of “actual science,” calling his speech “a little bit of hyperbole,” especially considering that the law requires marijuana to be grown indoors.

Stoned rabbits? Something to absolutely fear, says one DEA agent. The concept would give new meaning to the term “stewed rabbits,” and reminds us of Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail killer bunny attack scene, where the tiny white fluffer, clearly junked up after nibbling off some cannabis leaves, attacks the throats of the knights with rampant fervor and “big, nasty teeth.”

Writes the Washington Post on March 2: “Utah is considering a bill that would allow patients with certain debilitating conditions to be treated with edible forms of marijuana. If the bill passes, the state’s wildlife may ‘cultivate a taste’ for the plant, lose their fear of humans, and basically be high all the time. That’s according to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel last week by an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration.”

Speaking of the potential reefer madness among the partaking cottontails, DEA Special Agent special Matt Fairbanks said: “I deal in facts. I deal in science.”

Fairbanks is part of the DEA’s Domestic Cannabis Eradication / Suppression Program, which according to “is the only nationwide law enforcement program that exclusively targets Drug Trafficking Organizations involved in cannabis cultivation.” As far as their work? Reports the Post: “Some of his colleagues in Georgia recently achieved notoriety by raiding a retiree’s garden and seizing a number of okra plants.”

Fairbanks however has been actively working to rid Utah’s back-country of pot. According to Fairbanks, large-scale illegal marijuana fields take a heavy toll on the environment. “Personally, I have seen entire mountainsides subjected to pesticides, harmful chemicals, deforestation and erosion,” he said. “The ramifications to the flora, the animal life, the contaminated water, are still unknown.”

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