Stop, Mr. President. Stop. You are out of control. You have no compass. You have lost your map. You know not where you are heading. First of all, that map you had led nowhere but into perdition. As has been said, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”. I will admit I am not sure that your intentions were always good.

You, Mr. President, have had over four years to set the economy on the right track. Sir, you have failed. You spend more and more, billing your spending as an investment. It is not an investment. You are wasting the financial strength of a great country because you do not have the knowledge, experience, or training to lead.

Frankly sir, you are clueless. Mr. Bernanke is either clueless or incompetent. Both of you ignore anyone that has even the most basic understanding of economics and money policy. You have lost the war and are destroying the country.

While you pose and smile for the cameras, American business suffers. I’m sure that you do not understand, but you would be better served to stop the insane spending and let the business people and the citizens of America do what has made this country strong. You do not spend their money judiciously, so stop, let them invest, buy, and save. To put it bluntly, you have failed. Any further efforts on your behalf will do nothing but harm.

There is a way back from the edge. For on the edge is where we sit. It involves less rather than more government. It involves more control in the citizenship and less in our, so called, leaders. Take your hand off of our wallets and your foot off our throat. Give us back our freedom and we will prosper. Less government is better government.

We are a people that value our freedom. In fact, we insist on our freedom. We now have the most controlling government, short of wartime, that we have ever experienced. This is not a path that will make our country greater or our people prosperous. Prosperity in a function of less government and greater imagination by a free and aggressive populous.

Free people have ideas and goals. They wish to make their lives better and pass that on to their children who are encouraged to do better yet. Freedom equates with growth. Companies get bigger. Families get more successful. Wealth grows. Generations build on what came before them. For those of you, in government, that have forgotten, that is known as personal freedom. You have the right as an American to be the best that you can be. (Apologies to the Army.) The government should either help or be transparent to your efforts.

The Obama government is neither. They help only those that offer serious financial support and their regulators make them a road block to those with hope. If we are to survive as a great country and not become a pale copy of France, changes must be made. Those of us who believe that the country is on the wrong path must stand up and shout STOP. As much as we try to make you hear, I feel that you will not listen. You are so wrapped up in ego and ideology that they are impervious to our words. But there is always another election around the corner.