Obama’s treasury dept. in statements Friday said Al Qaeda was being funded by Iran directly and that this admin is continuing its nuclear negotiations that are trying to decouple this relationship from everything Iran is doing on the terrorist front. “This is a huge eye-opening situation,” says Fox news, “these doc’s detail the interaction between Al Qaeda and Iran. How many current leaders in Iran had knowledge of Al Qaeda prior to 911? How many knew that 911 was in the works?” In light of this discovery Iran’s future nuclear progress is a critical threat to the security of America and needs further evaluation. Secretary Kerry should stop all nuclear talks with Iran and should be re-strategizing.

Netanyahu’s pitch will be to warn America that this latest nuclear deal is wrong and too lenient at this time. Exposing these documents is timely because Obama didn’t want them to see the light of day being they didn’t fit his campaign narrative or his making this deal with Iran. They will help impact Mr. Netanyahu’s message of concern. America can you really trust Iran in any nuclear deal at this juncture?

These 17 documents are just the tip of the ice burg, there is approximately 1 million more in review. Bin Laden documents reveal a direct ideology of more large attacks like 911. “One large operation inside America affects the security and nerves of 300 million Americans whereas killing 1000 soldiers during 8 years or more has a weak effect on their mental strain as a whole.” This reference from Bin Laden is to a much bigger operation. (3)Al Qaeda plots targeting the US were hatched in Iran since Obama took office.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress on Tue. He will make a plea to America to not sign an agreement with Iran which will jeopardize Israeli security because the agreement Secretary Kerry has drawn up (will) jeopardize Israel’s security and that of the whole World.

The deal the American people thought we were getting was for Iran to dismantle their nuclear program or halt it and then we would lift the sanctions and welcome them into the world’s economy and their economy could grow and boom again.

The unfortunate deal that Secretary of State, Kerry and President Obama have agreed upon to offer Iran is quite different and dangerous especially since new information about Iran has been unveiled in documents taken from Bin Laden’s house the night of the raid. Kerry’s plan, the sunset agreement, requires Iran to stop enriching for awhile but then down the road in ten years or maybe sooner they will have the ability to enrich Uranium again. The United Nations Security Council has said to Iran already (6) times no “enriching” allowed but part of Kerry’s newest agreement is overturning the UN deal.

The Contract Kerry will be making is one where the US will lift sanctions for Iran’s, economy to boom but Iran will not stop their enriching program although they are going to say they will.

The basic agreement is this: Iran is promising the world that if we put them on the honor system they won’t apply taqiyya, but will simply unplug the reactors no longer continuing to enrich, for 10 long years. Look at how much damage Obama’s lies have done to America in just 6 years.

Iran loathes the Jews and would say anything to keep the eyes of the inspectors off what they are doing; building weapons to wipe Israel off the map and attack the West. We have recently heard that Iran has yet another underground site that hasn’t been disclosed to the inspectors or the US. We are still determining this information and if there is even more we weren’t apprised of.

Raegan said trust but verify. Iran has barred UN inspectors, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), from coming to the facility who would like to verify the reactor site. Neither Obama nor Kerry flinched at this data but this is part of the existing agreement to be open to inspections. If they won’t keep the current rules why would any sensible person think that Iran would comply with new rules trusting them with a greater responsibility of not plugging that reactor back in?

They will pretend to stop enriching and the US will pretend to believe them.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is seriously worried about the very existence of his tiny country which is the driving force of his trip here to America to address Congress. Obama and most Democrats are boycotting attending his speech; I believe this Democratic stonewalling of Mr. Netanyahu’s address to congress is in essence support of Iran, our adversary. Obama being petulant is forgetting that Iran is the enemy not Israel. March 24th is the soft deadline for the agreement and Israel being the first target in harm’s way ought to have some advice-giving say to the rules allowing Iran to get nukes. A mature military and safety-minded President would want his alley’s input on this grave and sensitive matter.

According to this admin an imperfect deal is better than no deal because their thinking is with no deal Iran can do as they please. This is totally PC thinking and wrong as usual. A bad deal is worse than no deal and I’ll explain why.

This agreement doesn’t affect the US and Iran only. All the other countries in the world specifically the Middle East countries are not going to pretend Iran is telling the truth. They know Iran is lying and they will want to protect their country and are going to want nukes too. They will be thinking that Iran is about to become a nuclear state with the US blessing; we’ve got to do something in our best interest.

An example is just a couple of weeks ago Egypt signed a deal with the Russians to build nuclear reactors. Saudi’s have said and Bahrainis If Iran gets nuclear weapons then we need to have our own. Now this will cause an arms race with the most dangerous, de-stabilized part of the world acquiring nuclear weapons. That’s why Congress should be included as part of the oversight of this pact. It is essential that it be concisely written, keeping the sanctions in, inspections ongoing and making sure Iran adheres to these rules for US safety and of our ally’s.

John Quincy Adams said; Muhammad declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as part of its religion against all the rest of mankind. Obama won’t admit this is radical Islam’s way, but we know.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. “Far from being moribund, waning, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. And were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.” Sir Winston Churchill on Islam-1899

Obama is strangely fixated on getting this nuclear deal done with Muslim-Iran, even to the detriment of the world. Obama’s resolve in helping them makes me wonder, did he read Churchill’s book?