This is the third article in a series of articles titled “To Strengthen America” which I hope will help inform readers about some of the legislature that is currently being considered by our congress. During the 2014 Conservative Policy Summit, there were ten sponsors of ten bills who spoke on the things that they are trying to get passed.  In this series “To Strengthen America” those ten bills are explained.

S. Bill 2015

Also known as the Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act was introduced by Senator Mike Lee of Utah on 02/11/14 and referred to the Committee on Finance. There are only three cosponsors so far. Many more are needed.

Basically the S. 2015 is a bill that if passed will save our country a lot of money by reducing spending on individuals who could become self-reliant if given an opportunity to improve their situation in life. This legislation builds on the reforms of the welfare changes enacted in 1996, which includes requiring able-bodied recipients to work or prepare to work to qualify for benefits. The main points of the bill are:


  • Reduces welfare spending to the pre-recession levels prior to 2007 and gives welfare a cap with interest adjustments.
  • Requires Food Stamp recipients to participate in work requirements.
  • Increases self-sufficiency and reduces dependency on Federal programs that tend to trap people into a never ending cycle of entitlements and destitution.
  • Elevates the underprivileged by encouraging them to find jobs instead of becoming dependent on the government.
  • Brings welfare spending down.
  • Requires the current year’s welfare spending and the projections for the next nine years to be included in the annual budget of the President.
  • Reduces the size of the government.
  • Prevents tax funds from being used for the payment of abortions.


Read the entire bill:

So if you believe that people need a hand-up and not a hand-out, and that people who have been relying on taxpayers to support them are able to become independent, then get behind this bill and tell your congress what you think.

I believe that as Americans we should help those in need until they are able to work and support their own needs. As the dependent become independent and are able to contribute to society their level of self-esteem will be elevated as well. If the Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act is passed and implemented it will get the welfare program under control and so that only the truly needed will receive assistance. This makes more sense than the out of control spending that is currently happening. The

U. S. Debt Clock, if accurate, lends to an eye full of numbers:

Here is an interesting read on Federal Spending:

Read part one of “To Strengthen America” and part two  and then watch for the next seven parts on

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