This is the sixth article in a series of articles titled “To Strengthen America” with the purpose of presenting information to the public of legislation being considered by congress. Ten bills are discussed in this series of “To Strengthen America” all of which were addressed at the 2014 Conservative Policy Summit,


HR 4286, S 2170


The HR 4286 American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014 was introduced by Rep Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma on March 24, 2014 and its identical bill, S. 2170 American Energy Renaissance Act of 2014 was introduced by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on March 27, 2014.  The HR 4286 has been referred to the Subcommittee Indian and Alaska Native Affairs and the S 2170 has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.  There are only 11 cosponsors so far of the HR 4286  however the number of cosponsors for the S 2170 is unknown at the time of this writing; after all it is still young.  This dual bill has been introduced as “a bill to free the private sector to harness domestic energy resources to create jobs and generate economic growth by removing statutory and administrative barriers.”


In essence, the American Energy Renaissance Act does three things—

1-      Removes barriers to develop domestic energy sources

2-      Builds energy infrastructure

3-      Expands employment while assisting international allies


These two bills can be further summarized as follows:


  • Allows the states to regulate hydraulic fracturing.
  • Simplifies the process to acquire permits for upgrading existing and building new refineries
  • Phases out the Renewable Fuel Standard
  • Permits the private sector to build the Keystone pipeline
  • Does away with current barriers to developing and approving additions national pipelines and cross-border energy infrastructure.
  • Puts an end to EPA overreach
  • Allows for the Coal and electric industries to not be adversely impacted by EPA regulations.
  • Requires a vote from congress and the president on EPA Regulations that will reduce jobs.
  • Supports passage of the REINS ACT requiring congressional approval major regulations and rules.
  • Broadens Energy development on Federal Lands
  • Opens up offshore exploration
  • Expands the Energy Exports of the United States
  • Allows the use of the additional revenues generated from exploration and drilling on Federal lands for the reduction of our National Debt.


The full summary of the American Energy Renaissance Act


The full text of the bill–


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I like these bills, but don’t take my word on the subject, study it out on your own.  Then once  you have studied this issue and have come to the conclusion that this bill will help our country, create jobs, and improve the state of things such as the economy, then contact your congressmen and encourage them to support these bills.


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