This is the eighth article in a series of articles of “To Strengthen America” with the purpose of educating the general public regarding bills currently being considered by our Nation’s congress. These bills were highlighted in the 2014 Conservative Policy Summit.


S. 1904 (HERO)


The Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act, S 1904, was introduced in the Senate by Senator Mike Lee of Utah on January 9, 2014 and was referred to the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. So far there are no co-sponsors on board. This act, if passed, makes higher education more affordable and easier for students to customize their own education in order to acquire the specific skills needed to compete after graduation. This Act would give the states authority to develop their own accreditation systems to accredit colleges pertaining to individual courses, apprenticeship programs, and curricula, making it possible for state-accredited educational institutions, programs, and courses to be eligible for federal funding. It is an amendment to the 1965Higher Education Act.


There currently are no other related bills in the house.  You can read the entire 1904 senate bill:


This is what Mike Lee says about his bill:  “For the first time in history, students don’t have to go to college to go to college. Under state accreditation, American’s higher education market would become as diverse as the job-creating industries that are looking to hire new workers. Imagine computer courses accredited by Apple or Google, Dow could accredit a chemistry program, Boeing could craft its own ‘aerospace engineering’ major.”

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