Strike One: Benghazi
Strike Two: Associated Press
Strike Three: Internal Revenue Service

Let’s review the very serious and frightening strike three. The IRS department head hit a foul ball with the announcement last Friday that up to two and 1/2 years ago staffers were targeting; Conservatives, Tea Party/Patriot members, Religious orgs., Jewish education groups, along with any group with the words limited scope, the size or actions of the govt., criticizing or questioning the govt., had their tax exempt status stalled for years.

Apparently President Obama stated in 2010 that 501C4 groups were “Enemies of Democracy.” This along with Senator Baucus (D-Mt) Finance committee and 6 other Democrat’s, Sept.20,2010 wrote the IRS commissioner urging extra scrutiny for those seeking tax exempt status and imposing strict caps on spending by non-profits. “Political campaigns and powerful individuals should not be able to use tax exempt organizations as political pawns to serve their own special interests”. This had to set the tone for encouraging workers behavior. Although it is appropriate for Baucus to raise that issue anything the Service would do in terms of looking at C-4’s should have been done even handedly and it wasn’t, shame on them.

Some of the claims against the IRS are;
* Ineffective Management (no call backs or updates ever)
* Targeted Conservative Groups
* Delayed and Denied Processing Apps with- out reasons
* Asking for Inappropriate Unnecessary and illegal Criteria (bound by privacy act)
* Intimidation

Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT) Stated, “This wasn’t just some lowly staffer in the Cincinnati office. In fact that’s a pretty important office in the IRS. A very senior manager in Washington knew what was going on for over a year and didn’t say a word.”

Steven Miller IRS acting Commissioner was first informed a year ago May 2012 that Tea Party groups were inappropriately targeted for scrutiny. One month later he wrote a letter to Congress but neglected to mention the controversy. He didn’t feel the need to reveal the information until the conference call apology last week.

Only two months earlier March 22, 2012, Douglas Shulman former IRS Commissioner stated and adamantly denied his agency was targeting conservatives in an unfair way. “We pride ourselves as being a non-political, non-partisan organization. What’s happening is the normal back and forth with the IRS, absolutely no targeting!”

Both parties are looking to get to the bottom of this. David Camp (R-MI) House Ways and Means Committee will hold a meeting to look into this to see who was actually involved. President Obama would have us believe and insisted he knew nothing about the scandal or the fact the IG, Inspector General was looking into this until the story broke last Friday.

These are executive level administrations, agencies and departments that come under the President’s leadership. It’s dubious that he could be this disconnected from the functions of Govt. in his Executive branch especially when the “all powerful” IRS targeted his political enemies. This President very early on exhibited beliefs that the executive branch had no real limits under him and the actions by the IRS show it. Whether or not he was in charge of it or just knew about it, his fingerprints are all over it because this is the immoral culture he has created.

Wednesday President Obama held a meeting announcing that the acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller has resigned. Mr. Miller’s commission was up the first of June 2013 anyway. The fact is he must serve one more week until his replacement Daniel Werfel from the WH budget office comes over as his replacement. Miller had stated that, he looked forward to an orderly transition.” This is hardly the President telling him to pack your bags you’re fired, this is the minimum he could do, besides he’s not the guy behind all this.

The IRS is a very powerful entity in our Government and interfaces with taxpayers directly. The head of the IRS is an appointee who serves at the pleasure of the President. Therefore, it is highly implausible to think that low level IRS workers strategized this C-4 tactic plan and passed it along to other state, Ca. and Wash., IRS low level workers. All were undetected and successful in implementing it without their supervisor’s knowledge for years.

This is extremely disturbing on many levels. This agency is as powerful as the President and deemed to have high morals, integrity and is unbiased. They can make your life a living hell, cost you a fortune in CPA and attorney fees and ruin your reputation for life all in the name of justice.

This is also the Agency that is entrusted to be the chief enforcer of our new health care laws. Right now there is a national data base being created which holds every bit of personal and intimate information on you they can get. They will know what kinds of books you read, if you read. Your favorite color, any birth marks, your body piercings, on and on.

They will have the power to intimidate you just like they did to the tax exempt organizations. When you are in line for the new kidney or heart transplant all they have to do is open their data base and pull your information up. What will they find? Will they like what they find? If they don’t like whom you voted for or your freedom of speech, all it takes is ONE overly zealous worker drunk on this new found power and they have the freedom to drop you to the end of the line. What are you going to do then? Who can you complain to?

The common thread through all these scandals is Government Intimidation:
* Benghazi – We can watch you die and cover it up because we control your safety without you being able to do a thing about it.
* Assoc. Press – For two months Eric Holder monitored all their phone records; at work, cell and home. He knows all your secrets, your mistress, your babysitter, your sources, from 20 reporters and over 100 phone lines.
* IRS – Power over your money, your reputation and your livelihood. Enough said.

This is why I think that out of all the strikes against Obama this one is so crucial to us getting to the bottom or TOP of who started this test of intimidation to see how far they could go. Obama care is supposed to be put into practice this October. We cannot allow a corrupt agency to grow into control without any oversight. We have got to call Foul Play like House Speaker Boehner said, Strike Three, Mr. Obama, Your out, cause somebody’s going to JAIL!