The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze me. In fact, liberals would be comical if their ideas and actions weren’t so destructive. Liberals cannot seem to grasp that if they bring our country down with their anti-American ideas, they will go down with it. Further, while doing their best to undermine all that is good about America liberals never seem to consider that no other nation on earth would put up with their seditious nonsense. I sometimes think our Founders should have added the following qualification to the First Amendment: This amendment is not intended to encourage stupidity.

            I recently received one of those emails that gets forwarded from person to person on the Internet. This one is titled “How to Spot a Liberal.” Perhaps you’ve seen it. It was intended to be funny. While there is a sense in which the statements about liberals contained in this document are humorous, on another level they are deeply disturbing, even tragic. In the remainder of this column, I share some of these statements along with my comments. Readers are encouraged to add their own examples of liberal hypocrisy in the “comments” section at the end of the column.

  • Have you noticed that liberals were against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan until Barack Obama took office? To a liberal anything one of their own does is by definition right, but the same action taken by a Republican or conservative is automatically wrong. I’ll bet ISIS is glad Barack Obama is president and George W. Bush is not. Barack Obama is now the commander-in-chief. Do you feel safe yet?
  • Have you noticed that liberals berate conservative politicians for what they call “corporate welfare” but have no problem with President Obama and his minions in Congress bailing out General Motors and wasting billions on so-called alternative energy businesses?   It isn’t that liberals are against using government money to help businesses. They just want to be able to choose which businesses receive federal help and which don’t. Of course those given unfettered access to the federal till are those that contribute substantially to the Democratic Party. Democrats like to reward “their” businesses while punishing those with conservative leanings.
  • Have you noticed how wealthy liberals choose to live in gated communities but oppose fencing the southern border of the U.S. Liberals truly see themselves as special cases—elites who are above the laws, rules, and circumstances that apply to the rest of us. Liberals see nothing wrong with exempting themselves from the laws, regulations, and rules that apply to other Americans. After all, they are special. Liberals make sure that even their friends and relatives must go through a security barrier to visit them in their gated communities, but have no problem with terrorists simply walking across our southern border and gaining access to innocent Americans they are bent on killing.
  • Have you noticed how liberals are quick to object to anything that even appears to harm an animal but have no qualms about slaughtering thousands of unborn human beings every year? To a liberal, licensed, responsible hunters are barbarians but brutal abortionists are saints. I like to ask my liberal colleagues in higher education this question: If you were stranded in the woods with nothing to eat would you rather be stranded with a hunter or an abortionist?
  • Have you noticed that liberals will castigate a pregnant woman for smoking (Stop that! It will hurt the baby) but they have no problem with the same woman aborting her baby? The logic in this liberal point of view escapes me. Apparently, in the mind of a liberal it is somehow acceptable to kill an unborn baby, but don’t get caught smoking around one. But then why should I be surprised—the only thing the words logic and liberal have in common is the letter “L.”
  • Have you noticed that liberals claim that Republicans are conducting a war on women but the Muslim world isn’t? Liberals—particularly President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid—fall all over themselves pandering to Muslims. They go out of their way to avoid offending anyone of the Muslim faith. The irony in this is that the Muslims who Obama and crowd think are their friends would gladly behead them on television if they got the chance. Further, one of the segments of the population hurt worst by Barack Obama’s failed domestic policies is women. Compared to liberals, Republicans are conducting a war FOR women, not against them.

The final statement in the email titled “How to Spot a Liberal” actually is humorous, so I will close with it: President Obama’s approval ratings are so low that Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States. Priceless.