*UPDATE* The AP has revised its original dispatch to include confirmation that the officer involved in last night’s fatal shooting is white. His identity has not yet been disclosed.

*UPDATE* Via Weasel Zippers, a YouTube video captures a gas tank exploding at the service station where the shooting occurred. According to the title of the video, a provocateur hurled fireworks at a pump near police.

One officer suffered lower leg injuries while trying to get away from the fireworks…. A St. Ann police officer was hit by a rock or brick and taken to the hospital

Ready for Round 2 (or is it Round 12 or Round 49)? Hard to say, but another deadly police shooting has occurred in another suburb of St. Louis.

The Associated Press reports:

Scuffles broke out early Wednesday between police officers and a vocal crowd of several hundred people who taunted the officers at the scene of the late Tuesday shooting in Berkeley, Missouri. Police have not released details of any arrests. Berkeley is just a few miles from Ferguson, where a white police officer fatally shot black 18-year-old Michael Brown in August.

The dispatch goes states that information has not been released about either the identity or ethnicity of the man killed or of the police officer who shot him, but the International Business Times and several other sources have confirmed that the dead man is 18-year-old Antonio Martin, who was black.

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