Even if we accept the data compiled by the Williams Institute of the University of California Law School, viewed by liberals as the bible on LGBT trends, an estimated 0.3% of adults in the U.S. self-identify as transgender. Translated into cardinal numbers, that means there are some 957,000 adults — or approximately the number of people living in the state of Montana — who believe they were born into the wrong body.

That would hardly seem to constitute a big enough audience share to warrant a television network’s serious consideration, even for a summer replacement. But when you factor in the left’s current obsession with the T in LGBT, it will come as no surprise that both The Learning Channel and ABC are producing shows that present families coping with the stresses (and presumably rewards) of having a member who wants to “play for the other team.”

ABC’s contender, “Becoming Us,” premieres tonight. The series focuses on a teen named Ben whose dad, Charlie, is transitioning into a woman named Carly. Described at the show’s website as “an ordinary Midwestern teenager,” Ben has already lived through the trauma of watching his parents divorce and is further reported to “struggling in school.” (Gee, I can’t imagine why.) Here is the show’s trailer:

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