Romney has won Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Gingrich took Georgia. Even though Santorum is in third right now, everyone is above 20 percent. Newt has to get more than 50% to take all of GA’s delegates.

Rick Santorum is projected to win Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Dakota and is leading Ohio by 13K votes. Romney supporters are still very confident they will win tonight. The map is looking a lot like Obama’s map against Clinton 4 years ago. The districts where Romney is ahead are the biggest in Ohio: Toledo, Dayton, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Hamilton County.

Take note of this from the Washington Post:

For Romney, a victory in Ohio could be the best evidence yet that he is an inevitable nominee.

If Santorum takes Ohio along with Tennessee, it could show–again—that there is a large faction of the Republican party that will not accept Romney, despite his massive financial and organizational advantages.

More than 400 delegates will be awarded Tuesday, more than the combined total of all 12 states that have voted so far. This won’t be enough to give any of the candidates the nomination, but Super Tuesday could still be super enough to reshape the primary season. Romney’s wins, by overwhelming margins, will allow him to pad his earlier lead for the nomination.

He has picked up at least 90 tonight, Gingrich 39 and Santorum 34 and Paul at least 6.

This gave the former Massachusetts governor 293, including endorsements from members of the Republican National Committee who automatically attend the convention and can support any candidate they choose. Santorum had 126 delegates, Gingrich 72 and Paul 31. It takes 1,144 delegates to win the nomination at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., this summer.

Consider that Romney and Paul have remained friendly throughout the campaign. Consider that many conservatives are still looking for the anti-Romney candidate. Is this turning into Super Chooseday: Romney/Paul vs. Santorum/Gingrich 2012? Either one would be a viable matchup and avoid the possibility of a brokered convention.