Though I tried to warn as many as I could about him four years ago, many were conned by obama’s messianic rise as a transformative figure of “hope and change.” The American people for the most part knew little about him and, instead of digging into his history and learning of his stances and beliefs, they imposed their own hopes and desires onto this essentially blank slate. This, coupled with the desires by many Americans to simply elect the first black President, led to him crushing McCain like the spineless geriatric he is. Heck, the ONLY thing I was proud of after the 2008 election was that our country elected a black man. It was simply tragic that he was a radical leftist. Anyway, most people failed to do their homework then but this time there is no excuse. To support obama, here are just a few of the ideals you have to support:

America, the Evil Colonializing Power:   Based on words and deeds, obama and those that would support him believe the United States to be historically evil and unworthy of the bounty we enjoy. We have stolen from and conquered others, not sacrificed for and liberated them. Since he spent so many of his formative years outside the US, often in lands with anti-US sentiments, he has no appreciation for American Exceptionalism and has attempted to decimate our standing in the world.

Religion:   obama believes in black liberation theology along with the perverse idea of “collective salvation”, both contrary to Biblical teachings but centerpieces of socialism. He believes that no one can be saved unless we all save everyone else…essentially avoiding individual responsibility and requiring that all spread the religious wealth around. Additionally, he feels that others unlike him are “bitter, clinging to guns and religion.”

Muslim Extremists:   obama has supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and their associated terrorist thugs groups (CAIR and the like) and has even accepted them into the White House hundreds of times, all the while “putting daylight” between the US and Israel. Evidence of support of radical Islamists is also evident by Hillary Clinton being allowed to have Huma Abedi as her top aid, despite Huma’s proven ties to CAIR’s followers.

Democracy in Iran:   Seeing as how obama was silent during the Green Party (actual pro-western democracy movement) uprising in Iran during his presidency, one has to assume he was not a supporter of the group. This is while he supported backward Muslim movements across the Middle East along with backward leftist Occupy movements here in America. It has recently come to light that obama went so far as to offer to reopen full diplomatic dialogue and American embassies in Iran in 2009.  

Spread the wealth:   To cast another vote for obama, you must believe in the socialist principle of “spreading the wealth around.” The rich, though they earn their money, must pay more to cover programs for those that do not. obama has worked tirelessly to increase the unemployment, Medicare/Medicaid, Food Stamps, Disability and other government entitlement rolls during the last four years. He also virtually eliminated Welfare work requirements, making it easier to get and stay on the program. Either you vote to support our becoming a joke like Greece or you decline and side against obama.

 Obamacare:   Socialized medicine with a nice helping of forced contraception and a few sprinkles of hidden time-bombs (like legally declaring a 30-hour work-week is now full-time). Nuff said.

Debt:   Our national debt is growing by over a trillion dollars per year under obama and will get worse, eventually to the point of our destruction. Casting a vote for that?

Illegal Aliens:   obama, seeing that he can have millions of lemmings join his voting ranks, favors all flavors of amnesty and forgiveness. From pushing the DREAM Act through by executive order or hampering all efforts to protect our borders from these invaders, he has shown his desires for the next four years.

Coal and Oil Industry:   obama vowed to crush the coal industry, making it too expensive to open or run such a plant. Seeing as how many have closed under his rule, he seems to have delivered on this promise. He also blackmailed BP for billions after their Gulf oil spill, ended Gulf oil drilling by America (citing environmental concerns), and then provided billions to foreign companies to drill in the same waters. This was another way to minimize America’s power and economic footprint. Want to vote for more of that?

ACORN:   As the only “real” job he had, obama was a community organizer and tireless supporter of ACORN, a corrupt, leftist group attempting to legitimize the efforts begun by the Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s. Terrorist and obama friend William Ayers and ACORN founder Wade Rathky were two figureheads that favored the overthrow of the American government. When violence did not work, they decided to work from the inside. The belief that if the government system is overburdened by entitlements, it will then collapse and allow the leftist socialists to take the reigns of power and establish their utopia. obama supported the organization’s aims and his supporters must too.

Government built that:   Business owners and entrepreneurs alike have government to thank, not their own sacrifice and hard work, for any success they may enjoy. This being the case, anyone that ever meets with success owes a large debt to the government. Do you agree with obama?

Babies that survive abortion should be set aside and allowed to die:   Supporters of obama must also agree that all abortions are welcome and those babies that survive an abortion must then be denied life-saving care. His votes and record tell the tale (strange that he voted “present” so many times, gutlessly avoiding anything that could be controversial, yet this was so important to him that he went out on a limb.)

 Do you embrace or judge a man by his friends?:   You either have to ignore or embrace that obama’s heroes growing up were extreme leftists, that the groups with whom he has aligned himself with in adulthood are counter to American values, and that his administration is rife with socialists, Marxist and radicals. To vote for him again means you are either ignoring this or are simply another one of the enemies.

He kills Americans:   You are being complicit in the killings of Americans if you support obama again. From Border Agents killed with guns his people gave to Mexican criminals in the Fast and Furious debacle to the brave Americans in Benghazi to whom he personally denied support as he watched them die on TV, obama kills our own people to further his radical agenda.

He killed OBL….with a generous helping of CYA:   Finally, obama inherited something from Bush in reality. It is seldom reported in mainstream media that Bush-era initiatives eventually found Osama Bin Laden and, though obama has loudly bragged about everything he did short of pulling the trigger himself, military people behind the scenes say he was anything but a careful and supportive Commander-in-Chief. Apparently, obama hesitated on the decision for days and went to great efforts to create a paper-trail to exonerate himself were the raid to have gone poorly. I equate obama continually spiking this football to Rosie Ruiz who, in 1980, cheated in the Boston Marathon, running only a few steps at the beginning and end but then accepting the trophy. She was found to be a fraud so one hopes history will repeat.

Okay, now go on the polls and vote. We have had four of the worst years in the history of our country and you have to decide if you want to stay the course and finish America or change horses in midstream and survive. Your choice, America.

 P.S.   The next four years will probably have at least three new Supreme Court justices. Who do you want to pick them? A pro- or anti-American?


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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.