Recently I did a piece on just a few of the things one has to believe in order to support President obama. Now, I would like to visit some highlights in the belief system of the GOP challenger, Mitt Romney. I know that many on both sides of the aisle know little about him and are playing catch-up. For too long, he was the second choice in the GOP race. After he secured the nomination, he became the “he’s not obama so I will vote for him” candidate. Following the first Presidential debate, Romney suddenly became a viable savior from socialism and creeping governmental overreach. While this is true, many still lack knowledge even as they plan to flock to the polls for him in a few days. Here are a few conversation points concerning Romney’s character and beliefs:

American Exceptionalism:   While the current President has often derided the notion that America, with her unique experiment in freedom and self-rule, has been the driving force for most of the cultural, technological and spiritual growth in the last 200+ years (Read the 5000 Year Leap to truly understand), Mr. Romney seems to channel former President Ronald Reagan when speaking of her incredible uniqueness. He certainly speaks of her greatness often and of the debt of gratitude the rest of the world owes to our ancestors’ example and sacrifice.

Daddy’s Money:   While people on the left would have you believe that Romney is a corporate raider and never far from his dad’s money and silver spoon, they are wrong. Though Romney is from a wealthy and politically powerful family, he actually gave away his inheritance after his father’s death. While his upbringing helped mold him, Mitt actually made his fortune himself after giving all of his inheritance to BYU. We all know that most trust-fund babies would have coasted for their entire lives (every Kennedy since Joe Sr. for instance) but not Romney. When he expects all Americans to work for their wealth, he is leading by example.

Bain Capital:   The big, bad boogyman of the corporate world actually made far more jobs and opportunities than it ever had to eliminate. Romney’s venture firm actually has a long and successful history of PROVIDING the money needed for company start-up or expansion since it started up in the mid-1980s. In the 90s, they began to buy older but struggling companies, borrow money with the company’s assets as collateral, and then apply the successful Bain management formula to remake the companies into stronger entities. They were extraordinarily successful and helped found, expand or save firms like Domino’s Pizza, Sports Authority, Gymboree, Clear Channel, Staples, The Weather Channel, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and many others. Think of the jobs they created and tell me that Bain is bad. In most instances, when jobs were lost or companies went under, it was due to bloated and corrupt unions that refused to renegotiate contracts in order to save the businesses. Bain created jobs while, as usual, unions destroyed them.

Mormonism:   Did you know that Romney is a Mormon!?! This is one of the few things people DO know, though they lack basic information about the religion. Unlike obama who has been indoctrinated into the misguided faiths of black liberation theology and collective salvation, Romney believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ and that individuals are responsible for their own salvation.  While he believes many/most of the same tenants of mainstream American Christian-based beliefs, he and other Mormons believe Jesus appeared to followers in North America after his Resurrection. Their religion also does a far better job than some others at trying to spread the word as their missionaries (whom we all know and should admire) go door-to-door in order to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Individuals often try to spread misinformation about lack of rights for women or minorities in Mormonism. They also ridicule the undergarments Mormons wear (“magic” underwear) that, in reality, are simply to provide a constant yet private reminder of their faith. (Actually it makes sense. If they are uncomfortable, your faith is always in the back of your mind and, were one to consider straying or cheating, I would think such garments may even act as a last-ditch reminder of vows to God. Not a bad thing in this day and age.) The biggie that people love to throw around is the multiple wives. Yes, some Mormons took part in this to enhance their numbers as their group was small (after much murder and persecution by other religions), but this was disavowed by their church long ago. Though some branches still try to adhere to it, most do not. All religions have factions that stray off the reservation so one should be careful to paint with a broad brush about Mormons as a whole.

While I may not agree with some of the facets of Romney’s religion, I respect his seemingly sincere adherence to it and find after my research that I agree with him far more on religion, salvation and personal responsibility than I do obama. Do you?

Defense:   The administration over the last four years has decimated our military, both in numbers and stature in an attempt to level the international playing field. Romney’s plan to restore our strength and standing in the global community is well stated.

 Business Experience:   Who do you think can lead a country out of a severe recession? A man who was raised a Marxist, studied law and was then a community (dis)organizer? Or a man with both business and law degrees from Harvard (never practiced as an attorney so that is probably a plus), made his own money through helping start/grow companies, saved a U.S. Winter Olympics on the verge of ruin, was the Governor of Massachusetts and who now wants to take a vast pay-cut to save America?

Five Point Plan:   Unlike obama who has yet to offer a glimpse of his plans for a second term, Romney has outlined five issues that will be the focus of his presidency:

  1. Energy Independence (FINALLY)
  2. Fair International Trade
  3. Improvement in Schools & Job Training (instead of lining the pockets of unions)
  4. Cut the Deficit/Size of Government/National Debt
  5. Champion Small Business (We did build it)

Russia & China:   A President Romney will take on an ever-increasing threat of communist USSR Russia and China. While obama has bowed to China in every way and promised Putin more freedoms in his second term, Romney has stated clearly that America will once again be the force of good to counter their evil ways. Without us, who?

Muslim Brotherhood & Iran:   Again, while obama has actually supported the Brotherhood and tried to restore diplomatic ties and freedoms to Iran, Romney has plainly shown that he knows these players for the evil they are and will lead through strength in dealing with them. He has also proven his devotion to Israel, our recently forsaken ally, and will restore the bonds with no “daylight” between. Why we would want to distance ourselves from the only sane country over there is beyond me.

Taxes:   Romney believes that taxes are too high, too unfair and too confusing. He wants to eliminate loopholes while lowering taxes for all, and simultaneously broaden the number of individuals paying taxes, thus increase revenue (it certainly worked well for Reagan). President obama has enlarged the tax code, added IRS agents (also giving them collection duties for socialized medicine), and has constantly stated his re-election would be a mandate for higher taxes.

Obamacare:   Romney will repeal socialized medicine immediately before it can destroy the greatest healthcare system in the world.

Auto Bailout:   Romney favored a controlled bankruptcy with governmental guarantees for creditors so that the American car companies could shed (union pension) debt and then emerge streamlined and stronger. Instead, obama shoveled billions into the industry to save not jobs but UNIONS. The companies are now a joke and on the verge of collapse, non-union workers were shafted along with bondholders and creditors, and the unions actually took control of the companies. Pick a side there please.

Charity:   Romney, as mentioned before, donated his inheritance to charity. He also donates millions per year to a multitude of charities. Recent estimates place his donations at around 30% of his annual income while obama has only donated around 6% (and this only started in 2000 when he began his quest for power). Worst of all are the charitable donations of Joe Biden who, in the last ten years, has donated approximately 0.2% of his income. All in all, Romney has donated over a thousand times more to charity than obama and Biden combined.

 Oil and Coal Industries:   As mentioned before, obama has done everything in his power to destroy oil and coal. Romney, on the other hand, will approve the Keystone Pipeline, lift the illegal moratorium on off-shore drilling, permit shale oil production, open federal lands to exploration including Anwar, and remove barriers to safe and clean gas, oil and coal energy development.

Border security:   Romney wants to increase border security and remove illegal aliens while obama rolls out the red carpet (DREAM Act anyone?). obama’s administration has aided druglords in killing American border guards as well as Mexican citizens. I am willing to bet that Romney will not continue that policy either.

Defense:   obama has our military the weakest and smallest is has been in decades and wants to downsize further as he evens out the power in the world. Romney has promised to avoid obama’s impending military cuts and actually increase the size and strength of our armed forces. Which do you want? Additionally, obama has actually denied aid to our soldiers as they were in harm’s way and directly led to their deaths. In any universe, do you envision a President Romney forsaking our troops? Perhaps this is why nearly 70% of men and women in uniform support him instead of their current “Commander”-in-Chief.

 Animal Cruelty:   Romney once had the family dog ride in a protected, wind-shielded animal carrier on top of the family car, far safer than the millions of dogs that daily traverse the roadways in the back of pickup trucks. Our President, on the other hand, has admittedly eaten dog intentionally in his younger days. When weighing the two sins, I am siding with Candidate Romney and I am sure Scooby Doo would too.

So now you have a little sampling of each side of the aisle. Where do you stand? In what do you believe? We are on the precipice of monumental change in America. Will we reverse course and refocus on our core beliefs and the governmental intentions of our Founders or complete the job of remaking us into a mere shadow of our former glory? The decision lies with you, America. Our ancestors, who have sacrificed all, are watching.

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As the sixth-great grandson of American patriot and Revolutionary War hero Christopher Gadsden, I feel it is my duty to speak fondly of America’s greatness and stand ready to defend her against all adversaries. Sadly, I must rail against the vileness and evil of the leftists, progressives, Marxist, socialists and idiots in general now threatening to destroy our great nation. If you support this aim, please spread the word.